Ways to Keep Cool When Visiting Disney World

Elsa, Frozone, and Olaf Keeping Cool Feature Image

It’s a well-known fact that temperatures can heat up tremendously in the sunny state of Florida. The consistently warm climate here was, after all, one of the main reasons why Walt Disney sought out this location in particular as the site for his follow-up Disney Resort and theme park. While warmer weather works better for running a year-round theme park ...

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The Many Wonderful Ways to Take a Disney Vacation

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When most people think about going on a Disney vacation, they tend to immediately stir up images of running through the different theme parks, embarking on all those must-do rides and attractions, embracing every single iconic Disney Character or great acclaim, and enjoying some of the most fabulous food ever. It’s also a given that many opt to sweeten the ...

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Need a Break from Disney? Check Out These Theme Parks

Alternate Parks to Disney Feature

Famous Disney destinations like the iconic original Disneyland Resort in California and the impressive Walt Disney World Resort in Florida have long stood out as exemplified options that everyone longs to go on vacation to at least once in their lifetime. The callout “I’m going to Disney World/Disneyland” has even become a common declaration by winning professional athletes as the ...

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10 Disney Movies That Deserve Their Own Rides

Movies That Deserve Rides Feature

For a century now, Walt Disney Entertainment has been inspiring the world by dreaming up some of the most beloved films to ever grace the silver screen. Not only has the Company directly contributed to defining the standards of classic film in general, but they’ve also established a precedent for what it means to successfully operate some of the most ...

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Here’s Why You Should Go to Disney World Alone

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Going on a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort as a family can be one of the most magical experiences ever—the best time ever, in fact. And doing Disney together lets everyone in the group share in all the same magical moments in perfect harmony. But have you ever considered the very real possibility of perhaps one day taking a ...

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Disney100 Decorations Typo Creates Historical Error

When Disney Parks’ new decorations for the Disney100 Years of Wonder celebration debuted, many Guests responded positively to the purple and platinum designs, while others noticed a historical discrepancy with the opening years for one attraction. As the 100 Years of Wonder celebration kicks off at the Disneyland Resort in Southern California on January 27, the theme park’s design crew ...

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Disney Chairman Avoids Commenting on Reedy Creek District Drama

When Theme Park Insider’s Robert Niles asked Chairman Josh D’Amaro for comment on the developing confrontation between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company regarding Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, he gave an interesting sort of reply. Disney filed the Reedy Creek Improvement Act in 1967 for the right to essentially self-govern the district between Osceola and ...

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VIDEO: Magic Kingdom Updates Classic Attraction to Make It Even More Inclusive

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom is the theme Park with the most classic attractions. Fan favorite rides can be found in every themed land. For example, there’s Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland, the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland, Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, and “it’s a small world” in ...

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