10 Favorite Things Found in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

If you take an immediate left once you reach the end of Main Street U.S.A. near Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, your journey will take you deep into a lush jungle where wild animals roam freely, where carpets magically fly, where toucans can talk and where scurvy swashbuckling pirates are in search of buried treasure. Your journey will take you to Adventureland, one of the six themed lands at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. And what an adventure it is! Here are 10 adventurous things you’ll find in this exciting part of the park.

10. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

In the Enchanted Tiki Room where “all the birds sing words and the flowers croon,” Disney fanatics of all ages feel a sense of Walt’s talent and genius. The Tiki Room was Walt’s concept from its beginnings at Disneyland. And there’s no doubt that the room is enchanted! This attraction was the first to ever use audio animatronic robots. There are 225 of them in this attraction, including robotic birds, tiki gods, totem poles, flowers and plants. The animatronic technology used in the Enchanted Tiki Room has since been implemented in other attractions as a way of storytelling. Enjoy this show, hosted by four beautiful birds—Jose, Fritz, Pierre and Michael—who lead the other birds, plants and flowers in singing in an enchanting musical show that’s fun for all ages.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

“Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate’s life for me!” If you also enjoy the pirate’s life, you’ll love the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Adventureland! It has been a Guest favorite since it first opened, and it’s more popular now than ever. During this dark boat ride, Guests are taken through a town overtaken by swashbuckling pirates. Captain Jack Sparrow makes an appearance in each of the scenes depicted in the ride. This attraction was a first—the first one to have ever inspired a movie franchise. (Usually the attractions are inspired by the films!) It isn’t a thrill ride, but the audio animatronics and lifelike sets along the water make it a fan favorite. Along the way, you’ll see skeletons, pirate ships, treasure chests and even an old dog who’s far more clever than the pirates! Be sure to secure a FastPass+ time to experience all of the swashbuckling fun!

8. The Treasure of the Seven Seas

Grab your friends and family and head to Adventureland, past the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, to take part in a treasure hunt. Get your treasure maps from a Cast Member who will explain how this adventure works. Then use your MagicBand or a magic talisman from a Cast Member at different spots in Adventureland to read five different maps that will give you clues. There are five different missions and five different hidden treasures to find. Often, completion of the Treasure of the Seven Seas activities will land you a free FastPass+ to enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! Score!

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7. Aloha Isle

The Aloha Isle is the place to be—especially if you’re visiting the parks during the warmer months of the year. But then again, whether it’s warm or cold outside, there’s never a bad time to enjoy the famous Dole Whip, and this is where to get one! Dole Whip is simply pineapple soft-serve, and we get it—what’s so amazing about soft-serve? But one taste, and you’ll understand the quasi-cult following of this amazingly simple sweet treat. Enjoy yours in a cup, swirled with vanilla, served over pineapple upside-down cake—however you want it! You can also order just a pineapple spear. And remember to access the My Disney Experience app to place your mobile order so you can skip the line!

6. The Skipper Canteen

This table-service restaurant takes its inspiration from the Jungle Cruise attraction in Adventureland. If you like Asian, South American and African fare, you’ll enjoy the Skipper Canteen! There are three different dining areas—the Crew’s Mess Hall, the Jungle Room and the S.E.A. Room (Society of Explorers and Adventurers). Lunch and dinner are served here and include appetizers like noodle salad, Jungle Green salad, falafel and Lost and Found Soup. Entrees include grilled steak, fried chicken, siu-marinated pork, curried vegetable stew, fried fish, Thai noodles and lamb chops. Kungaloosh is a great choice for dessert; it’s a chocolate cake with caramelized bananas. Not a fan of caramelized bananas? No worries—try the Quick Sand, which is a Jasmine rice pudding with mango sauce and lemon curd. Be sure to book your dining reservation by calling (407) WDW-DINE or by accessing the My Disney Experience app.

5. Magic Carpets of Aladdin

In Adventureland, you can also fly on a magic carpet! (Hey, it’s not called Magic Kingdom for nothing!) Fly high above the bazaar in Agrabah! You’ll soar over the marketplace as you control the vertical movements of the carpet with the onboard joystick. This is a great ride for families with kids—they’ll love being able to make the carpet fly up and down at their will!

Photo Credit: DisneyParksBlog

4. A Spitting Camel

The aforementioned Agrabah marketplace is also home to a pesky camel. As you walk into the marketplace near the Magic Carpets of Aladdin attraction, a huge camel stands in the center of the walkway. He magically knows when to spit, and that’s exactly what he does—so watch where you walk! It’s as if he has eyes high in the sky, letting him know the most opportune time to spit! Ewww!

3. Swiss Family Treehouse

This interactive attraction was inspired by Disney’s 1960 Swiss Family Robinson, in which a family who is headed to New Guinea ends up shipwrecked and stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. Accepting their new lot in life, the family begins to build a house in the trees, as well as to develop a new way of survival on the island. You and your family can climb and explore all over the Swiss Family’s treehouse. There are different areas of the house that serve as rooms the family built in the house, as well as décor, artifacts, hand-made items and other furnishings. It’s fun for the whole family, especially if you have little ones who need to let out some of their energy!

2. The Jungle Cruise

Only the most magical place on earth could make an adventure out of seeing the backside of water. If you’ve never heard of the “backside of water,” chances are you have yet to experience the fun and frivolity of the Jungle Cruise attraction. On this slowly-moving boat ride aboard a steamer, you and your family will make the journey along some of the most famous and dangerous rivers on earth including the Nile and the Amazon. Audio-animatronic animals thrive in their natural jungle habitats. The tour is presented by a very “punny” skipper. This skipper seems to find humor in just about everything—well, his form of humor anyway. This attraction was inspired by the 1955 “True-Life Adventure: the African Lion,” as well as by the film, The African Queen, and the ride vehicles were inspired by the steamer in the 1952 feature film.

1. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

While you’re in Adventureland, be sure to say hello to Aladdin and Princess Jasmine in the marketplace at Agrabah. They are available to meet Guests, pose for photos and sign autographs. Check the Magic Kingdom Times Guide so you’ll know when the couple is planning to be at the marketplace and don’t miss them!

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