10 Favorite Things in Future World at Walt Disney World’s Epcot

EPCOT is divided into two huge sections—Future World and the World Showcase. Both sections boast fun rides, interactive attractions and various forms of family entertainment. But if you have an affinity for all things infinity and beyond—outer space, space travel and the like—you’ll want to begin your EPCOT experience at Future World. Here are 10 of our favorite things in this fascinating section of the park.

10. Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth has stood as EPCOT’s iconic symbol since the park first opened on October 1, 1982. It welcomes parkgoers to EPCOT, entreating them to step into the park and take a second look at the giant geodesic sphere—but not just its external structure. It’s true that the design and construction of Spaceship Earth were nothing short of engineering marvels and architectural feats, but the attraction on the inside is just as impressive. It invites Guests to step into an omnimover time machine vehicle for a 14-minute journey through time to take a look at the development and progress of communication. The ride begins some 40,000 years ago in the Stone Age, and in the last scene of the attraction, Guests arrive at the Information Age. Guests can see how ancient peoples played roles in creating the alphabet, how they used language and how they shared information. In the latter half of the journey, Guests see a young man working in his garage on the creation of what will later be called a “computer”—clearly a nod to Steve Jobs whose contribution to the human race remains unrivaled to this day. The entire ride is an ascension to the top of the structure of Spaceship Earth, and just before the time machines begin their descent, Guests are treated to a beautiful view of planet Earth from afar. The attraction is as interesting as it is educational so don’t miss it!

9. Test Track

This thrilling attraction is presented by Chevrolet, and you won’t want to miss your chance to experience one of the fastest rides at Disney World. In the queue for the attraction, you and your family can design a virtual concept car and test it in the form of a 6-seater simulation vehicle. See how it performs digitally, and then take it for a spin to see how it reacts to switchbacks, sharp turns and in inclement weather. Then hold on tight as your vehicle takes you for a high-speed spin on the huge outdoor track. You’ll reach a speed of 65 miles per hour in this high-octane experience! When the ride is over, Guests exit the vehicles and enter a large indoor area chock full of interactive experiences and different Chevrolet vehicles. You can even have your photo taken with some of the vehicles on the showroom floor. Be sure to secure a FastPass+ time for Test Track, especially during peak seasons of the year.

8. Mission: SPACE

This thrilling experience is not for the faint of heart, the claustrophobic or those who experience motion sickness. Mission: SPACE has recently been upgraded. This very popular attraction allows Guests to feel a simulated lift-off with views of Earth from space. It gives Guests the feeling equivalent to 2.5G—more than two times the force of gravity on the earth’s surface. That would be like multiplying your weight by 2.5! Thanks to the upgrades to the attraction, smaller Guests can now enjoy Mission: SPACE with their families. The new family-friendlier version of this experience opened in late 2017 and now allows Guests 40 inches and taller to enjoy it, thanks to new booster seats in the attraction. The previous height requirement was 44 inches.

Previously, both the orange mission and the green mission centered around voyages to Mars. The orange mission was considered more intense than the green, but now the green mission is not only less intense, but the mission itself is different. The orange mission, now referred to as “Mission: SPACE—Mars,” still simulates a liftoff from earth toward the planet Mars, while the green mission, now called “Mission: SPACE—Earth” now involves an orbit around Earth with views of Italy’s “boot,” the Hawaiian Islands and the Aurora Borealis. The green mission ends with a simulated landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Be sure you’ve got a FastPass+ for this very popular attraction in Future World at EPCOT.

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7. Living with the Land

In the Land pavilion, the whole family can enjoy the Living with the Land attraction. On this slowly moving boat ride, Guests venture out on a narrated journey and learn about environmentally friendly ways to grow plants and flowers. Throughout the ride, Guests also learn about how humans use the land around them to grow food. You’ll even get to ride through some of the greenhouses at EPCOT where alternative growing and gardening techniques are showcased. It’s an informative and interesting ride, and the kids will love seeing the different plants, fish and even baby gators.

6. The Garden Grill

Be sure to make a dining reservation at the Garden Grill inside the Land pavilion in Future World. This table-service restaurant revolves slowly, giving Guests varying views of the Land pavilion and the inside of the Living with the Land attraction. What’s on the menu? Scrumptious harvest-inspired fare! Lunch and dinner are like a Thanksgiving feast any day of the year! Enjoy an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal served family-style at your table. The meal includes pot roast, salads, vegetables—most of which are grown in the greenhouses in the Living with the Land attraction. Meet Chip ‘n’ Dale, Mickey, and Pluto, all who’ve come straight from the farm to visit with Guests while they dine! Call (407) WDW-DINE to make your reservation!

5. Soarin’ Around the World

Experience the thrill of hang-gliding over landmarks and locations across the globe. Disney combines amazing simulation technology and pixie dust to create an experience that truly makes you feel like you’re flying! You’ll see the Great Wall of China, Switzerland’s Matterhorn, Sydney Harbour in Australia, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and other famous places—including a very popular spot in central Florida—all from a bird’s eye view. You’ve heard of Around the World in 80 Days? How about around the world in less than five minutes? Wait times in the queue can exceed 70 minutes during peak seasons in the park, so be sure to secure your FastPass+ time in advance!

4. Sunshine Seasons Food Court

At Future World inside EPCOT, you’ll find the Sunshine Seasons Food Court at The Land pavilion. It’s a huge food court with multiple choices on the menu. Simply pick up a tray and make your way to any one of the several counters at which you can order your food. Servers make your plate, and you take it with you to the cashier where you pay before proceeding to a table inside the large dining area. Some of the offerings include pork, oriental cuisine, kids’ meals, fish tacos and more. There are even self-serve soda fountains. And don’t forget the most important part—a trip to the dessert and pastry counter!


3. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

This fun family ride aboard a “clam-mobile” is housed in the pavilion of the same name inside Future World. The journey tells the story from Disney/PIXAR’s Finding Nemo. You’ll see Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Bruce, all Nemo’s friends from the dentist’s aquarium and more! Grab shell on the EAC with Crush and Squirt before disembarking and exploring SeaBase Alpha.

2. SeaBase Alpha

Once you’ve enjoyed the Finding Nemo attraction, you’ll disembark and find yourself at SeaBase where you can observe over 4,000 sea creatures that represent more than 60 different species of marine life. In the 5.7-million-gallon Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium, you and your family can be there for the daily fish feedings at 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. During the feedings, Cast Members talk about the sea turtles, fish and rays in the tanks. The second floor of SeaBase is an observation deck where you’ll be almost completely surrounded by marine life. You can spend hours here exploring all there is to see and do!

1. Journey Into Imagination with Figment

The Journey into Imagination attraction began at EPCOT on March 5, 1983, only a few months after Disney World’s second theme park opened. The original version of the ride included the lovable Figment and his companion, Dreamfinder—a man with red hair, a red beard and a top hat. He and Figment rode aboard the Dream Machine during the attraction. Needless to say, the attraction has changed over the years. Today, you won’t find Dreamfinder or the Dream Machine. But you will find Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) alongside Figment—the lovable purple dragon. Today’s version is a 5-minute ride aboard an omnirover ride vehicle that takes Guests through the labs at the Imagination Institute. There are five labs—one for each of the five senses. Figment tends to think he’s got a better plan for the tour of the laboratories, and what ensues is silliness and mayhem on the way to learning about the imagination. After disembarking from the ride vehicles, you’re invited to explore ImageWorks, an interactive area with different areas and kiosks where you can use your own imagination to make music and more. FastPass+ service is offered for this attraction, but it’s not necessary to have a FastPass+ time, especially if you’re visiting later in the day.

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