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10 Guest Habits That Really Bug Us At Walt Disney World

10. Tablets

Thankfully, Disney banned selfie sticks as of June 30, 2015. While we are happy those have moved on, we still get a little annoyed with Tablets. It’s a challenge when I go to watch Happily Ever After and all of a sudden my view is littered with tablets. This is really only a problem if you’re packed in behind the person using it on Main Street, because once the show starts you really have nowhere else to go to. It’s a lose-lose situation, because the guest using the tablet wants to get pictures of the show and the guests behind them just do not want to watch the show through the tablet that’s now obstructing their view.


9. Stopping in the middle of the walkway

I get it, you’re somewhere new and interesting, and sometimes you forget how to move over to the side of a walkway to look at a map. I only wish that more guests would think of walkways similarly to highways. If you’re going at a slow pace, be okay with others passing you. If you’re going at a quicker pace, don’t be afraid to pass the slower walkers. And, if you’re going to come to a dead stop, move over to the side of the walkway so you’re out of the way of other guests.

8. Crowding in doorways

Some guests (particularly when it rains) can be found crowding in doorways. Not only is this a fire hazard (which leaves cast members with the not-so-fun job of trying to get everyone to move out of the doorway) but it’s annoying for guests who are actually trying to go in and out of the area.

7. Reciting scripts

One of my pet peeves is when guests recite scripts or dialogues for attractions in Walt Disney World. The best example of this is the stretching room at the Haunted Mansion. Like many other Disney fans, I know the Ghost Host’s entire spiel, however I just assume that the rest of the guests in the room with me would rather hear it from the ghost host and not me. If you really feel the need to take over for the Ghost Host, try mouthing out the words but not actually saying them. I have a couple of friends who do this, and it allows them to interact with the experience and show off that they know the monologue without disrupting other guests.

6. Hogging character time

One of the most annoying things that can happen at character meet and greets is when a family of ten wants individual pictures, group pictures, just the boys, just the girls, just the grandparents, etc… While I understand the desire for the variety and to allow everyone to have their own picture if that’s what they want, it’s generally not a good time to be the party behind them waiting your turn. This is a time when I’d recommend splitting up into smaller groups so you’re only seeing the characters that your small group cares to see, or just doing one group photo and maybe one or two others, but not taking up too much time with the characters.

5. Not moving to the end of the row

This is really only a problem during the busier seasons, when shows fill to capacity and each and every seat must be used, however it can still be annoying when you’re perfectly fine sitting at the end, or at least ¾ of the way towards the end, but you have to climb over guests in the middle section who refuse to move.


4. Complaining

I will honestly never understand people who complain in Disney. So it’s hot, or maybe it rained yesterday, or maybe even –gasp- the wait to meet Anna and Elsa is ninety minutes. Complaining is not going to make the situation any better, it’s only going to make you into the “grumpy gills” who brings down the rest of your party.

3. Littering

To me, people who litter are some of the worst kinds of guests in Walt Disney World simply because there are so many trash cans, located anywhere you could possibly be throughout the parks that there is really no excuse to litter.

2. Flash photography on dark rides

Dark rides take place in the dark for a reason—because that’s the way that they’re meant to be experienced. By taking flash photos on dark rides, you’re ruining the experience for other guests, and taking crappy photos. The solution to this is simple: take the photos with your flash turned to off, and enjoy your better quality ride photos, and the fact that the rest of the guests in the ride with you did not have their experiences ruined.

1. Ignoring cast member instructions

The guest habit that bugs me the most is when guests do not follow cast member instructions. As I’m sure you’d imagine, frontline cast members do not make the rules, they simply need to enforce them. Guests with a blatant disregard for their instructions are not only rude, but they are making their jobs more difficult. Cast members do genuinely love their jobs, but there are parts of it that are out of their control, such as closing lines at certain times, blocking off certain areas, and enforcing park rules. When guests argue, or ignore cast instructions, it makes their jobs all the more difficult and sometimes inconveniences the other guests around them, like on the parking trams, when guests get on after the final boarding call has been made, the other guests will end up hearing the safety spiel twice for instance.

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