10 Must-Dos for the “Star Wars” Fan at Walt Disney World

If you are a “Star Wars” fan, Walt Disney World is a great place for you to visit. Disney pulls you into the life of “Star Wars”, including the much loved Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are plenty of things to walk around and take pictures of, like the Millennium Falcon, and there are many more photo spots. Some attractions may be closed temporarily due to COVID-19, so make sure to check before planning out your days. There are way more must-dos than this, but that would take all day to list. That said, here are ten must-dos for every “Star Wars” fan.

10. Star Wars Galactic Outpost

While shopping at Disney Springs the “Star Wars” fans in your group have a store that they won’t want to miss. Star Wars Galactic Outpost has much of your favorite “Star Wars” merchandise, including clothing, lightsabers, custom MagicBands, pins, toys, and so much more.

9. Star Wars: Datapad on Play Disney Parks Mobile App

Make sure you charge your phone, because the Play Disney Parks App has a real treat for you. With the app you are able to truly explore a whole new level of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You can use their translator to read Aurebesh (the alphabet used in “Star Wars”) and you can scan objects all around the spaceports to find precious cargo. You can even hack into panels and interact with droids all throughout the galaxy! You can take different jobs and become a hero. Make sure you choose your side; are you part of the First Order or the Resistance?

8. The VOID: Step Beyond Reality (temporarily closed)

While at Disney Springs you can step into “Star Wars” by immersing yourself in Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. In this virtual reality experience you’ll interact with other characters from the movies, plus real people who are in your group. You will work together as a team. The technology is insane, and you’ll be walking around freely without being attached to anything. It is an incredible experience. The VOID has two different choices, the other is Ralph Breaks VR.

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7. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

With Galaxy’s Edge open sometimes Star Tours – The Adventures Continue can be put on the back burner. Star Tours is still a must-do for all “Star Wars” fans. With the rotating scenes and characters you’ll need to ride more than once, because every adventure is different. There are worlds from all nine movies, with C-3PO as your pilot. Be careful, because there is a spy in your midst, or are you the spy?

6. Droid Depot

Some of the most lovable “Star Wars” characters are droids. At Galaxy’s Edge you can create your own little friend to take back with you. You can make either a BB-series or an R-series unit the way you want, so you can create a twin of BB-8 or R2-D2! There are also different colors to choose from that are the same models, so you can make something completely different if you’d prefer. Once you gather all your pieces you’ll put them together, and then your new friend will come alive. You even get a remote control to bring back with you. The standard price is $99.99, but you can purchase extra accessories. It is recommended that you make a reservation for Droid Depot, it’s a popular experience.

5. Savi’s Workshop

Many of us have grown up with plastic lightsabers, but at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge you can build your own custom lightsaber, just like a Jedi! This shop is a secret from the First Order, so make sure to not tip them off. There are four available hilt themes: peace and justice, power and control, elemental nature, and power and defense. Gatherers will help you select the heart of your lightsaber, and you can pick your color of green, violet, blue, or red. The price of this is $199.99. It is highly recommended that you make a reservation, because Savi’s Workshop is extremely popular.

Savi’s Workshop

4. Dining in Galaxy’s Edge

Have you wondered if food is any good on Batuu? The answer is yes! If you’re looking for a full meal, Docking Bay 7 is a great choice. If you’re in a hurry Ronto Roasters might be exactly what you’re looking for. You can’t visit Batuu without getting some Blue or Green Milk at the Milk Stand. The milks are dairy-free, so anyone who is vegan or has an allergy to dairy can also enjoy it. Both flavors are frozen. Neither milk tastes like what you imagined, there’s more of a fruity flavor, but both colors are quite tasty.

3. Oga’s Cantina

You will feel like you just stepped into “A New Hope” at Oga’s Cantina. Located in Galaxy’s Edge, this watering hole is the main hangout for smugglers, bounty hunters, and travelers to sit down and take a break. Just don’t look suspicious and mind your own business, and you’ll be fine. Enjoy the music, the DJ is R-3X. Rex is the former Starspeeder 3000 pilot from the original Star Tours attraction.

Oga’s Cantina

2. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

What “Star Wars” fan hasn’t dreamed of flying the Millennium Falcon? Now that dream can come true. You and five other guests will need to work together to help Hondo Ohnaka. There are two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. All of the roles are extremely important, and you will have different experiences, depending on how everyone performs their job. The jump to hyperspace alone will send chills down the spine of any “Star Wars” fan.

1. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This is an attraction that is truly like nothing else. Are you ready to join the Resistance and battle the First Order? You’ll be recruited by some familiar faces, and it looks like an easy mission. Of course, nothing goes according to plan. The mission has many unexpected twists, and you’ll leave not even sure what just happened. You’ll see many of your favorite characters along your journey, and if the Force is with you then maybe you’ll escape in one piece. Rise of the Resistance is unlike any other ride at Walt Disney World, you will truly be in the center of the “Star Wars” universe. It’s any “Star Wars” fan’s dream come true.

Credit: Disney

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Tricia Kennedy lives in Orlando and loves having Walt Disney World pretty much in her backyard. She can be found at Disney several times a week. She will often stop by a park for an hour or two, but she also enjoys spending a whole day there with her friends. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Tricia especially enjoys Star Wars Weekends and has ridden Star Tours over 200 times. Tricia's other favorite thing is Disney's BoardWalk, where she can often be found taking a walk or watching the nightly street performers.