Epcot Jammitors (Credit: Disney)

10 Things You May Have Missed at EPCOT

Do you consider yourself an expert on all things Epcot?  Maybe you’ve been to Future World and the World Showcase more times than you can count.  Perhaps you can recite all of the countries that boast their own pavilions, and you know what order to tackle the park’s attractions in to best avoid crowds.  But Epcot is full of hidden gems and surprises, so there’s likely something you’ve missed!  Here are ten things that might have slipped your notice in Disney’s Epcot.

1. Perfect Acoustics

You’ve probably noticed the stunning replica of the Temple of Heaven in the Chinese Pavilion – it’s one of the most picturesque spots in Epcot.  But have you ever ventured inside?  The acoustics are almost perfect – just try having a whispered conversation, and listen as your words echo around the room.

2. One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Wandering around the alleyways of the Moroccan Pavilion is one of the most underrated joys of Epcot!  But have you ever noticed something slightly out of place as you gaze at the “Moroccan” skyline?  Hollywood Studios’ Twilight Zone Tower of Terror can be seen if you look carefully – it’s been painted to blend in with the buildings in Morocco.

3. Jammin’ with the Jammitors

There’s magic lurking everywhere in Walt Disney World, so we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s more to Epcot’s janitors than meets the eye!  At various times of the day (check online for the schedule), these hard-working cast members break into syncopated music on the Mill Stage, created by the tools of their trade, including brooms and trash cans.  You’ll be moving and grooving in no time.  Cleaning has never been such fun!

Credit: Disney

4. Playful Water

Epcot features some spectacular water fountains that are hard to miss.  But have you ever enjoyed the less obvious Jumping Fountains over at the Imagination Pavilion?  Streams of water playfully jump from platform to platform, right before your eyes (and even above your head).  These whimsical fountains are a delight, especially on a hot day.

5. Hidden Exhibits

Many of the pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase contain fascinating exhibits and galleries that you might have missed in favor of the more visible attractions on offer.  Often, these exhibits are rotating, which means there’s always something new to explore!  We’ve enjoyed different exhibits at China’s Pavilion over the years, including displays on the Terracotta Warriors, and on Shanghai Disneyland.  The next time you’re in WDW, check out the Gallery of Arts and History in the Morocco Pavilion.  It currently features an immersive exhibit called “Race Against the Sun” that gives guests a glimpse of life in the Sahara Desert and intense racing competitions that happen there.

6. Magical Manatees

Rushing off to your next attraction after taking a spin under the sea on The Seas with Nemo & Friends?  Not so fast!  There’s a whole world of underwater life to explore here, including some majestically massive manatees.  These gentle giants can be viewed daily, and you can chat with their caregivers about any and all things manatee.

7. Voices of Liberty

It took me years of WDW visits to discover the glorious Voices of Liberty at the American Pavilion in Epcot – so you may have missed them too!  This uber-talented a capella singing group performs Disney favorites at America Gardens Theater, and their music is simply heavenly; you won’t want to miss them on your next visit.

Photo Credit: Disney

8. Turf-tastic

This one’s easy to miss, if you’re making a beeline for Frozen Ever After.  The next time you’re in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion, look up – and check out the roofs of the traditional Norwegian-style buildings.  Yep, that’s grass you see on top of some of the buildings!  Sod roofs are often found in Scandinavia, and provide excellent insulation.  Rumor has it that cast members trim the roofs with scissors.

9. Garden Railway

Full disclosure: I’m usually so focused on getting to Karamell-Kuche that I forget all about the Garden Railway’s tiny trains and village at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.  But it’s a mistake to miss this adorable, pint-sized gem!  If you visit during a festival or holiday, take a close look – you’ll see the village is appropriately decorated (in miniature, of course!).

Credit: Disney

10. Hidden Spots to Take a Break

Epcot’s World Showcase is full of beautiful nooks and crannies to explore and take a break from a hectic day in the parks.  One such lovely spot you may have missed?  The tranquil garden paths that wind behind the koi pond in the Japan Pavilion.  You’ll find waterfalls, paper lanterns swaying in the breeze, bamboo bridges, and exquisitely landscaped gardens.  You may even come across a family of docks.  It’s a serenely idyllic place for a mid-day escape.

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