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Credit: Jeff Reitz

$100,000 + 2,995 Days = Disney Record

Some people set a Guinness World Record by risking their lives, putting their bodies through torture, or harboring some weird obsession. But have you ever considered what it would take to set a record for consecutive Disney Park visits?

One Man’s Journey

Jeff Reitz Disneyland

Credit: Jeff Reitz

Jeff Reitz of Hunting Beach set a new record earlier this year for the most consecutive visits to a Disney Park – 2,995 days. His goal was 3,000, but the Covid-19 lockdown foiled Jeff’s plans. Nevertheless, he still set a new record to beat; eight years, three months, and 13 days.

Jeff lived about 30 minutes from Disneyland and started his record-breaking journey in January 2012. He was gifted an annual Park pass in December 2011 that funded his first year of visits.

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During that year, the Disneyland Resort offered an “extra Disney day” due to Leap Day, allowing Reitz to visit Disneyland Park 366 times. Jeff took up the goal and visited Disneyland Park every day starting January 1, 2012.

He purchased his own annual pass every year since.

JEff Reitz disneyland

Credit: Jeff Reitz

“It was my gym. It was my happy hour. It was entertainment all in one package,” Jeff said. “You know, instead of paying for a separate membership for doing many different things, it was all in one package with my Annual Pass.”

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The Cost

According to the New York Post, Jeff admitted he likely spent over $100,000 after calculating the cost of admission, transportation, parking, food, drinks, and merchandise at the Park. But he doesn’t seem to regret it. He said the frequent trips kept up his spirits while he looked for a new job, and after dividing the cost by the number of days, it doesn’t sound so bad.

Signage for Disneyland

Credit: Disney

His Future Plans

The 50-year-old former air force firefighter now works in administration for Long Beach’s Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center. He hasn’t returned to the Park since March 13, 2020, and has no plans to visit anytime soon. He says his daily Park days are behind him due to rising prices and frustrations over the new reservation system. However, he does intend on returning eventually.

disney castle disney100 100 years of wonder decor

Credit: Disney

Anyone up for challenging his record? If you get started this week, you’ll have to attend a Disney Park every day until July-August of 2031 (depending on your start date).

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