11 Delicious Meals Around Epcot’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World

If you are looking for inspiration for amazing dishes to try at Epcot’s World Showcase, then you came to the right place.  There are so many delicious meals to enjoy, but here is a look at 11 of our favorite delicious meals to try:

11. Mexico Pavilion – Carne Asada, San Angel Inn Restaurante

It sounds like a typical offering that can be found and various Mexican restaurants, but this take on the dish is amazing!  It is made with New York Strip steak and then grilled poblanas, onion and cheese.  The guacamole that is included is also delicious.  This will definitely satisfy your savory food cravings.

10. Norway Pavilion – All You Care to Enjoy Breakfast, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

This is one of the few breakfast options throughout all of Epcot and it just so happens to be one of the most popular in Walt Disney World.  The breakfast is All You Care to Enjoy, featuring classic breakfast options plus a variety of Norwegian-inspired offerings.  There are things like salami, smoked pork loin, dilled salmon gravlax, roasted turkey, peppered mackerel and a variety of authentic cheeses.  It is a much more unique breakfast that some of the others on property.  The meal is also a character meal featuring many of the Disney princesses, so you get a little extra magic with your meal.

9. China Pavilion – Kowloon Spare Ribs, Nine Dragons Restaurant

During the dinner service at Nine Dragons, guests are able to choose from a variety of different protein offerings and flavors paired with steamed rice.  You really can’t go wrong with any of the choices, but we just love the flavor of the Kowloon Spare Ribs.  It is braised with a Hoisin glaze for a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors.

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8. Germany Pavilion – All You Care to Enjoy Meal, Biergarten Restaurant

If you are you looking for a tasting of authentic German meals and dishes then you definitely have to head over to Biergarten Restaurant.  The meal is a huge buffet offering with a combination of dishes including sauerbraten, braised red cabbage, potato dishes, sauerkraut, spaetzle, a variety of sausages and more.  Guests can have a taste of everything instead of having to pick!

7. Italy Pavilion – Margherita Pizza, Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

While at the Italy pavilion you have to try the authentic pizza served at Via Napoli.  The Margherita pizza is one of the traditional pizza offerings that you would find within the Napa area of Italy and Via Napoli does it right!  Guests can order the pizza in a variety of different sizes to meet the needs of the group.  Guests can also add their favorite toppings to the pizza to customize it to their tastes.

6. American Adventure Pavilion – Macaroni & Cheese All-Beef Foot Long Hot Dog, Liberty Inn

If you are craving American-inspired tastes, then I definitely recommend the macaroni and cheese dog.  It pairs two American classics together, macaroni and cheese and a hot dog for a match made in heaven.  They top it off with bacon for a perfect All-American dish.  Guests can pick if they want French fries or apple slices to go with the dog.

5. Japan Pavilion – Hotate, Teppan Edo

The Japan pavilion is one of our favorite places to dine in the World Showcase.  We just can’t get enough of Teppan Edo when we visit.  I definitely recommend Hotate, which is cold water ocean scallops served with a salad, udon noodles, grilled vegetables and steamed white rice.  All of the meals are served hibachi style, so the meal preparation is all part of the experience and show.  If scallops aren’t your thing, then there is a variety of other protein choices to pick from.

4. Morocco Pavilion – Pan-Seared Lamb Loin Medallions and Hummus-Rosemary Pancakes, Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant is one of the more unique dining experiences in all of Walt Disney World.  The location is beautiful and features entertainment like musicians and belly dancing.  The food is amazing and features authentic dish offerings from Morocco.  There are a variety of delicious protein choices, but I personally love the lamb loin medallions.  It is delicious and definitely unlike other food options on property.  The hummus-rosemary pancakes are almost equally as delicious as the lamp, too!

3. France Pavilion – Prixe Fixe Menu Dégustation, Monsieur Paul

During this amazing prixe fixe meal offering at Monsieur Paul, guests get to enjoy 6 amazing courses of authentic French food!  The first course is semi-cooked oyster.  The second course is an escargot tart with whipped cream and ricotta and marinated vegetables.  The third course is a delicious seared scallop with a creamy polenta and tomato puree.  The fourth course is a chilled peach soup with verbena sorbet and then the fifth course is a veal tenderloin with French-style sweet peas.  You might be feeling pretty fool by the sixth course, but you have to keep pressing on for the choice of French cheeses.  Then be sure to save room for dessert since your seventh course is your choice of any dessert.  It is a perfect sampling of fine French cuisine.

2. United Kingdom Pavilion – Fish and Chips, Rose & Crown Dining Room

It would be extremely difficult for my family to visit Rose & Crown and not order the fish and chips.  It is the signature dish for Rose & Crown, so you definitely won’t want to miss it.  The fish is cooked to perfection with a beer-battered outer shell that is the perfect level of crunchy.  It is dipped in the delicious house-made tartar sauce.  It is some of our favorite fried fish that we have ever had!

1. Canada Pavilion – Le Cellier Filet Mignon, Le Cellier Steakhouse

If you will be dining at Le Cellier, then I definitely recommend that you enjoy one of the delicious steaks.  The filet mignon is an AAA Canadian tenderloin that is served with mushroom risotto, asparagus-tomato relish and truffle-butter sauce. If you enjoy a delicious steak, then you definitely won’t be disappointed with this selection.  As a starter, we definitely recommend that you try the Canadian cheddar cheese soup, which is topped with applewood-smoked bacon.  It is delicious and an extremely popular offering that you don’t want to miss!

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