12 Amazing Facts About Walt Disney World Resorts

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At Walt Disney World in Florida, the four theme parks, their thrilling attractions, nighttime shows, live entertainment and amazing restaurants are only part of the fun when you choose to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. Staying on Disney property means you and your family never have to leave the magic, which is perfect for Disney fans! It’s Disney when you wake up, Disney through the day, Disney at night and Disney when you turn in for the evening! Can you imagine anything more spectacular and magical? Me neither. If you’re trying to decide whether to stay at a Disney World Resort hotel or somewhere off Disney property, consider these 12 things.


12. You can book well in advance.

If you’re planning a Disney World vacation, you can book your Resort hotel as soon as you decide which one you want to enjoy. Disney World allows Resort hotel reservations to be made up to 499 days in advance of your trip. Now that’s planning ahead!

11. No need to buy MagicBands.

When you book a stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you will receive complimentary MagicBands. Before your stay, you will receive a link via e-mail that will direct you to Disney’s website where you can personalize your MagicBands. You’ll be able to choose the color and family member’s name for each one. You’ll then receive your MagicBands via delivery to your home or office before it’s time to head to your happy place!

10. You’ll get extra hours in the parks.

Extra Magic Hours are extensions of time in one of the four theme parks. Those Magic Hours are only offered to Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel! Your park tickets have more value since you are able to enjoy the parks an hour before opening or an hour after closing, depending on the Extra Magic Hours schedule.


9. Disney transportation is free!

If you’re staying on Disney property, you will have access to free transportation from Orlando International Airport to your Resort hotel via Disney’s Magical Express. This service is only available to Guests who are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. You’ll also have access to Disney transportation from your hotel to the park of your choice, or most any other place at Disney World, including the two water parks, Disney Springs and even other resort hotels.

8. Make FastPass+ selections earlier.

When you stay on Disney World property, you are entitled to make your FastPass+ selections 60 days in advance, instead of only 30 days in advance, which is offered to Guests staying off Disney property.

7. No traffic!

Even when the destination is Disney World, traffic along the highway is no fun. Interstate 4 can be a virtual parking lot in the mornings because not only are people trying to go to their jobs in the Orlando area, but Guests are heading to Disney World from their non-Disney hotels and vacation rental homes. Time spent in traffic is time lost at the parks. When you stay at a Disney World Resort hotel, you’re close to the magic, and you won’t have to brave the traffic when you’re trying to get to Disney.

6. You can book vacation packages.

When you decide to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you’ll be able to take advantage of Disney vacation packages, which include your Resort hotel, your park tickets and sometimes Disney’s Dining Plan entitlements. These vacation packages make planning your trip effortless because the packages take care of everything you need to make this the most magical vacation you’ve ever taken.

5. No need to carry cash.

If you are staying on Disney property, you’ll be able to link a credit card to your MagicBand, and any time you want to make a purchase in the parks, you’ll simply tap your MagicBand to the kiosk at check-out and enter your self-selected PIN. This eliminates the need for you to carry cash and cards in the park where you might run the risk of losing them.

4. Concierge services are available.

When you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you also have the luxury of the hotel’s concierge services. You can upgrade tickets at the front desk, as well as ask questions about tickets, the parks, opening and closing times for the day and more. Concierge services are so valuable because they allow you access to knowledgeable Cast Members who can help you with questions or concerns. When you stay at a Disney World Resort hotel, you won’t have to wait until you’re in the parks to address those questions and concerns.

3. There are restaurants at every Disney World Resort hotel.

No matter which Resort hotel you book, you can be assured that the hotel has dining options for you and your family—and we aren’t talking vending machines and ice buckets. That’s because at every Disney World Resort, there are restaurants. Some of the value resorts have one or two food-court-style options, while other resorts offer Guests more than one option of Disney restaurants. Some resort hotels have table service restaurants at which it’s possible (or sometimes necessary) to have reservations. Other restaurant options include quick service restaurants, snack-bar-type eateries and more.

2. Disney World Resort hotels are a getaway in and of themselves.

Each Disney World Resort hotel is themed and offers Guests various different recreational activities. Each hotel has pools—and not just any pools! The Resort hotel pools are themed, large in size and offer different activities—you won’t get bored there! Near some of the value Resort hotels, there is even an area where you can rent surrey bikes. There are also walking trails, activities just for the kids and more!

1. Buying souvenirs is much easier!

When you are staying at a Disney World Resort hotel, you won’t have to lug those souvenirs around in the parks. That’s because any time you make a purchase in the parks, you can ask that your items be sent to your Disney hotel. That’s right! Simply ask the Cast Member with whom you are making your purchase about having your packages delivered to your hotel. A few hours later, those items will be available to you at your Disney Resort hotel. Isn’t that convenient?

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