Old Disney MagicBands Can Now Control Your Home Devices!

disney magicband
Credit: Disney

Do you have old MagicBands from a recent (or distant) Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacation?

Magicband at Disneyland

Credit: Disney

If so, you may wonder what you do with them now that your Disney vacation is over. Although they are a bittersweet reminder of a magical trip, what can you do with them?

Disney MagicBands

After all, the MagicBands have little value at home. Or do they?

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At a Walt Disney World or Disneyland park, guests can effortlessly access all the magic with a simple touch of their MagicBand. They simply press their MagicBand to a Disney MagicBand reader with a light-up Mickey Mouse design.


Credit: Disney

This seamless experience can now be mimicked in your very own home! How exactly?

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Now with the online Cinema Guy Store, you can bring some Disney magic from the parks to your own household.

At Home MagicBand Readers

On, you can purchase your own MagicBand reader to interact with your Disney MagicBands!

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The Classic Reader goes for a little under $200. According to the description, it has functioning lights and sounds and will work with your actual Disney Magic Bands. It also will play the familiar chime of the Mickey Mouse readers you hear at the parks.

Magic Band Reader

Credit: Cinema Guy Store

If you get the “smart outlet upgrade at checkout,” the MagicBand reader can even control specific household devices.

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Once plugged into the pre-programmed smart outlets, the MagicBand reader can turn specific devices on/off. Think lamps, holiday lights, nightlights, and more!

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But Disney fans who don’t have MagicBands can still enjoy the same fun readers. Each unit has a button to press if you don’t have a Disney MagicBand, allowing everyone to use them.


Credit: Disney

With multiple color illuminations, the ability to mount onto a wall, and customization available, these Disney MagicBand readers will transport you into a Walt Disney World Resort theme park.

Other Reader Styles

But these classic readers don’t just come with the classic Mickey Mouse head design.

You can select from a dozen other designs, including the Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Marvel, Splash Mountain, the Monorail, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and more.

Magicband Readers options

Credit: Cinema Guy Store

The online listing for these readers has over 70 pages of 5-star ratings. Each one is more magical than the next, attesting to making their Disney dreams come true.

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However, it is worth noting that they are not designed to work with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Now, you can use your MagicBands for almost anything around the house.

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