Confirmed Details on Disney’s ‘Frozen 3’

Frozen 3
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After years of waiting, The Walt Disney Company has confirmed that a second sequel (Frozen 3) is in the works.

Anna from Frozen

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One of the original Frozen directors, Jennifer Lee, has since become the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Frozen won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and became a cultural phenomenon when it debuted in 2013.

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Frozen 3 Update

In a talk this week at the BFI London Film Festival, the Disney director confirmed that Frozen 3 was happening, although she was unsure of what her role in the production would be.

Anna and Elsa from Frozen

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The Frozen director spoke with Tricia Tuttle, head of directing fiction at the National Film and Television School.

“Every morning last week, they carved out space for me to work with the creative team on it, and I am blown away and I am so excited… I don’t know what I’m doing on it yet — I’m not doing nothing — except doing what I do now, which is we work on every project as as team and I’m in there with creative. But with Frozen, just a little bit more.”

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Jennifer Lee’s comments raise the possibility that she and/or the other original director, Chris Buck, will not be returning to direct Frozen 3, though that is unconfirmed.

Frozen Anna and Olaf Animated Film

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When it came time to create Frozen 2, both Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck returned. Although Chris Buck is co-directing the upcoming Disney movie Wish with Fawn Veerasunthorn, there is no official announcement of whether he is returning for Frozen 3.

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Frozen 3 Cast and Crew

While Jennifer Lee did not give details about the plot of Frozen 3, she stated, “Our philosophy is this, and it won’t change: If there is more story to tell, the filmmakers have to drive it. And I’ll say with Frozen, Marc Smith, who was our director of story on Frozen 2, came with an incredible idea for more Frozen, and it’s worth it.”

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This statement from the former Frozen movie director confirms that Disney may already have a plot in mind for a third Frozen film.

Frozen characters

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Although it has not been officially confirmed that the entire cast of Frozen will be returning, it may be a safe bet. It’d be hard to imagine Disney fans accepting someone other than Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa, Kristen Bell as Princess Anna, or Josh Gad as Olaf. Likewise, it seems likely to expect Sven and Kristoff to return as well.

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As more information for the upcoming film comes out, please be sure to check back for more news on Frozen 3 and the Frozen franchise.

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