Disney’s Newest Storytelling Podcast Features Beloved ‘Frozen’

Anna and Elsa from Frozen
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For the first time in forever, or ever, Disney is presenting storytelling in a whole new way. Disney’s iconic film Frozen (2013) was an immediate sensation with Disney fans. The story of sisterhood and an unbreakable bond between sisters Anna and Elsa filled the hearts of all viewers.

The beloved characters are set to appear in a whole new way through a podcast. “Disney Publishing Worldwide is launching a new Disney “Frozen” podcast in collaboration with ABC Audio and Walt Disney Animation Studios that builds on the storytelling of the classic film with a new tale for your children to enjoy,” ABC writesFrozen isn’t just ending at Frozen 2 (2019), as the podcast will pick up where the film leaves off.

Frozen characters

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The 12-episode podcast called Forces of Nature will feature Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and more characters. Their adventure will “bring order to the kingdom and restore the Spirits of Nature” as Scott Gustin writes.

‘Frozen’ Podcast

Presented by Disney Publishing Worldwide, ABC Audio and Macy’s, the characters of Frozen are back for another adventure. Anna, Elsa, and Queen of the small neighboring nation, Disa are faced with a mysterious fire where they must travel to the Enchanted Forest to uncover the cause. Their discovery of steam-powered copper machines and automatons poses questions and yet another journey the sisters will have to embark on.

Anna from Frozen

Credit: D23

“Where do the automatons come from and what are they doing? Who is directing them? Most importantly, how do Elsa, Anna, and Disa stop them from upsetting the natural balance of the Enchanted Forest and Arendelle,” Disney writes.

Disney’s newest podcast is the perfect fit for the whole family to listen, to while the sisters must join forces to bring order back to the kingdom. The Forces of Nature podcast is set to arrive this October on Spotify, Pandora, Audacy, Amazon, iHeart, and Apple. The trailer can be found here, in anticipation of the new podcast.

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure with Anna and Elsa?

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