Disney Guest Jumps off Space Mountain

Space Mountain with Caution Tape
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There are many new additions at Disney theme parks, such as TRON Lightcycle / Run and Star Wars Rise of the Resistance. But Space Mountain remains one of the most popular thrill rides.

Space Mountain Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Space Mountain Safety

Aside from its iconic exterior, it also is one of the original roller coasters. It is also one of the few attractions built at Walt Disney World Resort first and later added to Disneyland Park. It opened in Magic Kingdom Park in 1975, and due to its popularity, another version opened in 1977 at Disneyland Park.

Exterior of Space Mountain at Disney World

Credit: Disney

Because the ride offers park guests a high-speed thrill ride in the dark, it can be hazardous – if you decide to exit your ride vehicle.

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But safety seems to be a second-rate concern for many Disney Park guests lately. Whether jumping in fountains, brawling with other guests, or jumping off ride vehicles, the problem of unruly guests at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort has become an unfortunate common occurrence.

Banned Disney World


As guests continue their rude and often dangerous behavior, Disney cast members are often thrown in the middle. Despite their warnings and best efforts to enforce the rules and safety standards, they are often ignored.

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Dangerous Disney guests often put their health and safety at risk. This can sometimes result from frustration, an attempt to gain attention on social media, or perhaps a general concept that rules don’t apply to them.

Dangerous Disney Guests

Although Space Mountain often seems much faster than it’s going, it can still be dangerous. There have been rumors, though unconfirmed, of park guests hitting their heads or hands while on the ride.

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But even if you aren’t injured by extending your arms outside the ride vehicle, a fall from the coaster could be fatal. Because it takes place in the dark, stumbling around as vehicles whir past you is a recipe for disaster.

Because of this reason (and many others), Disney cast members always ask guests to remain seated whenever a ride slows, stops, or malfunctions.

But this is precisely what happened at Disneyland Park recently when a family exited their ride vehicle. Along with his party, a guest can be caught removing his restraint before he jumps off Space Mountain. This was captured on TikTok by user @heatandsaultravel.


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Possible Fallout

Aside from this being dangerous, it can also get you banned from the Disney Park, perhaps forever.

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There are five different Space Mountains that Disney fans can find around the world. Magic Kingdom Park, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland all have their own version.

New Space Mountain Tokyo Disney

Credit: Disney (Tokyo Space Mountain)

Disneyland in Anahiem and Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort have many coasters and thrill rides. And while some may be taller or faster than Space Mountain, all can be equally as dangerous if you don’t follow the safety guidelines.

Unfortunately, as poor Disney guest behavior continues, it’s only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured.

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