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UPDATE: Bans Issued After Bloody Magic Kingdom Fight

On May 16, two families visited the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. But they soon became participants in a viral video of theme park violence. Details continue to emerge from the skirmish that took place earlier in the week. However, it has been confirmed that the cause of the fight originated from a disagreement over a photo spot near the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Credit: Disney

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The Fight Seen Around the World

The confrontation arose when one family requested the other to move aside momentarily for a photo. In response, the family member being asked became extremely upset and resorted to throwing punches involving other individuals. Equally distressing was a woman holding a toddler while a young boy watched from the sidelines.

Videos capturing the fight swiftly circulated on social media, leaving viewers appalled by the disgraceful behavior exhibited by one party involved.

Medical professionals treated the victims at the scene and the Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that no one was arrested after the fight. The office stated that the victim did not wish to press charges.

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New Information

Credit: Disney // Orange County Sheriffs Office

Since the altercation took place a few days ago, we have begun to learn about the consequences faced by the instigating party. As per the Orange County Sheriff’s office, two individuals were issued trespass notices by Disney, prohibiting them from returning to the property. The duration of these bans is unknown, but given the severity of the violence displayed, it is highly likely to be a lifetime ban.

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Disney Policy

Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Credit: Brittany DiCologero

Disney maintains a strict policy against violent or disrespectful behavior within their premises. They retain the right to expel Guests who engage in disruptive, dangerous, or violent conduct and may impose bans on individuals whose actions are particularly egregious.

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