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Another Brutal Fight at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Recently, a violent and bloody brawl erupted among several Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort. As “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” Disney World strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for all Guests. However, not every Guest adheres to this spirit.

Exterior Shot of Cinderella Castle

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A Bloody Brawl

This recent fight unfolded at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom, in front of the main train station for the Walt Disney World Railroad. No official details have been released regarding the incident, and it is unclear if anyone has been arrested or banned from the theme Park or property. The brawl shown below on video via Twitter shows multiple Guests attacking one individual. While Disney may show leniency in some issues concerning Guests and their behavior, one or more of the individuals involved were likely removed and possibly banned indefinitely from Walt Disney World.

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The End of a Troubling Trend?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a fight has broken out at a Walt Disney World Park. There have been multiple incidents occurring in the past year alone, including a widely publicized brawl in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom in the summer of 2022 that resulted in Guests being banned from Walt Disney World. Despite Disney’s strict security measures and rules, it is impossible to prevent all incidents from occurring in such a large and diverse environment.

Banned Disney World


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The Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts are usually renowned for providing visitors with a memorable experience. Hopefully, this marks the last time such brutal violence is spotted at the Magic Kingdom (or any Walt Disney World Park). However, that seems unlikely.

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