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Woman Bites Off Piece of Disney Guest’s Finger Over Fireworks

The criminal fight broke out at the Walt Disney World Resort during EPCOT’s now-retired nighttime show “Harmonious.


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On December 13, 2022, a Walt Disney World Guest visiting from California was hospitalized after another Guest bit off part of her middle finger. At the time, details remained limited, but the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has now released information regarding the incident.

The Incident

The police report states that Emily, a 26-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, was blocking another Guest’s viewing during the EPCOT nighttime show and then elbowed a member of that Guest’s family. A family member confronted Emily, who allegedly got irate and the attacked ensued.


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The fight went from scratching and quickly escalated. When the Guest visiting from California tried to separate her family member from Emily, Emily bit the California native’s middle finger. According to the report, she proceeded to kick, yell, and scream.

Emily then tried to leave the scene, but after being reported by the California family, was followed by a Cast Member.

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Law Enforcement Involvement

Later, the woman from California was bleeding, and a sheriff’s deputy “observed a chunk of the meaty portion of her middle finger was missing,” per the report.

When law enforcement questioned Emily, she denied any wrongdoing. Instead, she claimed she was the victim and was attacked by multiple people. Although she had scratches on herself to corroborate her story, she also made comments about harming herself and having an “uncontrollable manner.”

As such, she was restrained and handcuffed. Law enforcement later discovered that Emily had a history of mental health issues and subsequently attempted to get her mental health services.

According to Orange Circuit Court online records, no criminal charges were filed against Emily.


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Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of violence among Walt Disney World Guests to be reported at the many theme Parks. But hopefully, it is the last.

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