These Things Are BANNED From Disney World Parks

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Do you have plans for an upcoming Walt Disney World vacation? This can be an exciting time, especially if it marks your very first visit. But it can also leave lingering questions regarding what items you are and are not allowed to bring with you into the four major theme parks. While some of the more general prohibitions are fairly obvious, there are in fact several surprising bans the Walt Disney Company places particular emphasis on as well. And it’s always good to know in advance what these are. From common sense restrictions to all those you probably never even considered beforehand, here are 10 items that are banned from the limits of Walt Disney World theme parks.

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10. Glass Containers

Disney doesn’t have any qualms about Guests bringing outside food sources into theme park locations, including their own food, stored and packaged in containers. Just make sure that your storage containers are not glass ones. For obvious safety reasons and the potential risks that broken glass may pose, Disney prohibits Guests from bringing glass containers into the Parks. The one exception to this rule is that of glass baby food jars, which are permitted.

Disney Glass Containers with Food

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9. Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are banned in so many places now that it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that they are prohibited from any and all Disney Park locations. In short, the atmosphere is far too crowded and cramped to be whipping out some long stick that can be hazardous to yourself and those in close range. And the idea of pulling one out when you’re actually on a ride would be even worse!

On a related note, Disney also bans all other photography extensions and bulky camera poles. These include tripods and monopod stands that cannot be easily folded to fit inside a standard backpack.

Sign Declaring No Selfie Sticks

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8. Drones

For obvious reasons, too much can go wrong if a Guest ever were to enter a Disney Park location with a drone. Furthermore, some areas within the property bounds of Walt Disney World Resort are actually officially designated no-fly zones. These areas include all of Magic Kingdom Park, various sections within EPCOT, and even some of the more private Disney Resort sites. Besides, drones are invasive and can interfere with some of Disney’s more aerial magical effects.

It is also worth noting that Disney Parks do not permit Guests to bring in any other remote-controlled devices either. Included on the list are remote-controlled cars and similar toys.

No Sign Over Flying Drone

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7. Certain Wheels

This may seem like a rather broad category, but the short explanation behind why some wheels may be banned from Disney Parks goes back, once again, to the overall safety of attending Guests. So which wheels are banned exactly? Think skateboards, scooters, bikes, roller skates/inline skates, and even those on-again/off-again (sometimes) trending shoes with built-in wheels. All of the above have no place within the range of a crowded Disney Park, although various Resorts have designated areas for bike riding and other wheel recreations (within reason).

Wagons, stroller wagons, and even large strollers measuring more than 31 inches (79 cm) in width and 52 inches (132 cm) in length are also prohibited. Additionally, Disney does not permit trailer-like wheeled contraptions that are pushed, pulled, or towed by electric conveyance vehicles. Finally, any outside wheeled mobility devices containing less than three wheels are considered unsafe and too unstable for theme parks.

Donald Duck Skateboarding at Magic Kingdom

6. Folding Chairs

Think again before you decide to pack along that folding chair in hopes of securing a comfortable seating arrangement for watching a parade or nighttime spectacular. These too are prohibited from being brought into the Park limits. Because of their flimsy open and close semblance, folding chairs are considered unreliable, unsafe, and have the potential to cause injury to yourself and those around you.

Disney Themed Folding Chairs

Credit: shopDisney

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5. Artificial Noise Makers

Apologies, in advance, to those leading an extended group of family and friends. If you’re hoping to bring along a whistle, megaphone, or any other loud attention-getting noisemakers, you will be unable to do so. We get it, Disney Parks are already loud, bustling places to be in, and it may be easier to have an all-powerful take-charge device for leading your group. But you’ll have to find a better way to do so that doesn’t involve artificial noise makers. How about group text updates to everyone’s phone instead?

Piglet Blowing Megaphone

4. Political Signs and Banners

Politics can get pretty heated and controversial. Not only can discussing politics in mixed company turn friends into enemies but it can really ruin the magical mood and put a damper on an otherwise fun time. That’s why all political banners, public endorsements of candidates, and other similar callouts are not permitted within the parameters of any Disney Park. A Disney vacation should offer an escape from the world’s harsh realities, at least for a time. So do everyone a favor and forgo bringing in anything politically controversial that has the potential to stir up negative vibes.

Mickey For President Banner

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3. Weapons

It should be fairly evident to Guests by now that bringing weapons into a Disney Park is never permitted. This includes everything from knives, firearms, ammunition, and even self-defense items, like pepper spray and tasers.

Horrified Mickey and Gun

Credit: Inside The Magic

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2. Pets

We doting pet owners can all agree that sharing the magic of a Walt Disney World vacation with our nearest and dearest companions would be the ultimate dream come true. And while there are select Disney Resort accommodations that do allow you to bring pets (within reasonable limitations), you are still forbidden from bringing any animals within the limits of Disney Parks. There are exceptions to this rule in regard to service animals like dogs and even miniature horses. But you may want to think twice before packing that cute little chihuahua into your handbag.

Pluto with a Woman and Dog

Credit: Disney

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1. Smoking

As of May 2019, smoking has been officially banned within all Disney World Parks limits. The ban includes traditional cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even vaping devices. Smoking is still permitted on Disney property at designated outdoor locations, but none are within any Park’s confines. The use of marijuana and other illegal substances is never permitted anywhere on Disney property, at any time.

No Smoking Sign

Credit: Disney Dining

Disney has many other bans and particular rules in place in addition to those included on this list. These are standard rules that, in many cases, also apply to other Disney locations, including Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. You can read more about what is banned at Disney Parks by clicking here.

While rules and restrictions can be inconvenient in some cases, the important thing to remember is that Disney prioritizes the safety of Guests first and foremost. And if that means restricting certain items, it is only for the greater good in benefiting all who come out for a most magical and memorable experience.

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