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What’s in a Disney Cast Member’s Park Bag?

Ever wonder what’s in a Cast Member’s Park bag? It takes a lot to create magic for Guests at Walt Disney World, and in addition to Disney’s top-notch training, there are some physical items Cast Members need daily.

Some of these items are also useful for Guests to have, while others are simply helpful to have on hand to brighten a Guest’s day. Whether you are just curious about what’s in those pouches worn by Cast Members or are making sure you have everything you need in your own Park bag, we’ve got all the details!


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The Basics

Some of the items that Cast Members bring to work each day are not much different than what Guests typically carry with them. Among these items are hats, sunglasses, water, and rain gear.

Cast Members also carry their Walt Disney Company IDs as they are often required to “scan” into work when entering through a backstage area, as well as printed information on everything they would need to know about the Park they are working in on a given day so that when a Guest asks, they will have all of the answers.

If you’ve ever wondered how Cast Members get their ponchos on so quickly, it’s because they are likely inside their Park bags. Many Disney Cast Members who work outdoors have hip packs that include rain gear, so when a storm unexpectedly rolls through, they will be prepared to continue assisting Guests despite the rain. Some Cast Members also carry sunblock and lip balm as additional items to use throughout the day to help keep them safe.

Extras for Guests

The specifics of what’s in a Cast Member’s bag often depend on the role one is working in. PhotoPass and Character Attendant Cast Members often carry extra PhotoPass cards so Guests can view and download their photos.

One Disney Character Attendant recently shared a video to TikTok to show what is in her Park bag:

in case anyone was curious, this is what is in my character attendant pouch! #disney #disneycastmember #dcp #characterattendant #castmember

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Lots of different Cast Members might have stickers on hand to give away to Guests to create Magical Moments, and others might have Disney pins for trading (though this practice is still currently modified), and more.

Merchandise Cast Members are often able to “Merchentain” Guests, so while these items may not necessarily be included in their Park bags, you will often see them using bubble wands or waving with a Disney plush.

What Should Be in Your Bag?

The most important item to have on hand while exploring Walt Disney World is water. Cast Members have convenient water bottle holders that attach to their costumes, but thankfully if you do not have such an item as a Guest, staying hydrated is easy. Simply ask for a cup of water from any Walt Disney World quick-service restaurant during your visit (it’s free!)

Many Cast Members have sunscreen available to them backstage, but for Guests, this is one item that could be quite costly if you need it during a trip to the Parks. Be sure to put some on before leaving your Resort, or pack a travel-sized container of it in your Park bag. Your wallet will thank you!

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