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10 Must Have Items for Your Bag at Disney Parks

If you’re planning to venture into a Walt Disney World Park, you are likely taking with you some sort of bag. There are many options: crossbody purse, diaper bag, fanny pack (thank goodness these are “trendy” now), and your classic backpack. We recommend a backpack in order to fit everything you may need.

Whether you’re going to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Disney Springs – it’s going to be a long day. Preparation is key.

You’re going to be wandering around a massive theme park for hours, while walking miles. How anyone could get by without a bag is puzzling. However, there are always those guests who bypass bag security and wait for their party on the other side. Where do they keep all of their essentials?

Credit: Amanda Kepshire

Before your trip, it’s important to note the items that aren’t allowed on Disney Property. The list is more than just weapons. Be sure to review the Park rules so you come prepared and without any prohibited items in your Disney day bag.

So what do you need to make sure you have in your bag for a long day at a Disney Park? Keep reading and get your pen and paper ready to make notes of the 10 must have items for your bag at Disney Parks. You’ll want to add these to your Disney World packing list!

1. Hand Sanitizer

This on is probably pretty obvious, but it still needs to be included. Covid-19 aside, theme parks are a great place to pick up germs. Walt Disney World is notorious for keeping things top-notch, but when you’re visiting a place with a quarter of a million other people, it’s a good idea to wash-up frequently. No one wants to catch a cold while on a Disney vacation!

If you get a hand sanitizer keychain of hang off of you bag, you’ll have quick and easy access. It’s smart to sanitize your hands throughout the day, but especially before you eat and aren’t able to get to a restroom to use soap and water. Another great time is when you exit an attraction, since you likely were holding on tight during the ride!

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2. Medications

Medications are a must! Of course, any prescriptions that you may need during the day as well as items like insulin or EpiPens. You never know when someone will get hit with a headache, the beginnings of a sore throat, or a stomach ache from eating too many Disney Park desserts. It’s smart to have things like Tylenol, Advil, and Tums on hand.

If anyone in your party has environmental allergies or allergies to bug bits, bringing along Benadryl and inti-itch cream is crucial. This way, you’ll have things on hand. Gift shops have a lot of essential items, but packing them yourself will save you money and allow you quick access, like while in line for a ride.

3. Deodorant

If you’ve every spent the day outside in Florida during the summer, you get it. It’s not easy to beat the heat. Even if it’s not summer, you may appreciate a little pit freshening during the day. Disney World is an active place, so you can expect to sweat a little bit.

If you don’t want to carry around a full size deodorant stick, you can pick up a travel size stick or some deodorant wipes. While you may not think deodorant is an essential item to keep with you, members of your party may think so!

4. Band-Aids and Moleskin

A trip to a Disney Park means a day full of walking. A combination of walking, sweating, and new shoes is a recipe for blisters (we recommend wearing a pair of already broken in walking shoes). Moleskin helps to stop a blister in it’s tracks and offer relief from the painful rubbing.

Band-Aids are handy for blisters as well. But more than that, someone is bound to fall and scrape their knee, get a cut, or even scratch a mosquito bite too much. These are definitely a staple to keep on hand for Park days.

Disney BandAids

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5. Sunscreen and Chapstick

As mentioned before, Disney World is hot. The Florida sun can be intense and it’s important to protect your skin. Not only because sunburn is dangerous, but because it can be very miserable to deal with the aftermath.

Chapstick is essential both for winter and summer months. Cold weather dries your lips out. And with so much time spent outside, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for that sweet relief. In the summer, go for a chapstick that has SPF. Again, with so much time outside in the sun, it’s important to be protected.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

Hot Disney World tip coming up: with all of the walking and time spent outside in the heat, it’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement and forget about your water intake. By having a water bottle with you, you can take frequent sips and fill up whenever you come across a water fountain. There’s no sense in purchasing a water bottle when Disney allows you to bring your own.

Water refill station

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7. Snacks

While each Disney Park offers budget-friendly snacks, they can still add up fast. Packing some of your own helps alleviate the spending while also making it easy to fuel up while waiting in line. Trust us, you’ll want some snacks in your bag.

8. Your Phone and Portable Charger

It’s hard to believe that anyone would step foot in a Park without their smartphone. Props to anyone who want to disconnect and leave their phone behind. However, your phone will be crucial for checking wait times, making mobile food orders, and booking Lightning Lanes.

You’ll likely be taking a lot of photos and videos, too. So with so much phone use, and being on the go for 12 hours or more, your battery is going to take a hit. Good luck trying to find an outlet, so be sure to bring a portable charger to charge up any time you need.


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9. Umbrella or Rain Poncho

Rain is inevitable, especially in Florida. Purchasing rain gear while in the Parks will cost you a pretty penny. You don’t want to have to spend money on high-priced ponchos, so having your own is smart.

Storms can appear out of nowhere, so being able to grab a rain poncho or umbrella on the spot instead of running for cover or to the nearest gift shop, is beyond convenient. Also, it’s popular to see guests wear ponchos on rides where there’s a chance of getting wet, like Splash Mountain.


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10. Plastic Baggies

Suggesting to include plastic baggies might seem odd, but you’d be surprised at how handy a Ziploc can be. Including several different sizes in your backpack doesn’t adding any weight, and they don’t take up much room, either. Use them for bagging up any clothing items that get wet on a water ride, like Kali River Rapids. They’re also great for leftover snacks or food from restaurants. Only able to eat half of your Mickey pretzel or your sandwich? Pop it in a baggie and save it for later!

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There you have it! 10 must have items for your bag at Disney Parks. Now it’s time to plan your Disney trip and pack your bags! If you want to spice things up a little more, don’t forget you can use your Disney day bag as a Disney pin display as you collect and trade.

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