Can You ACTUALLY Buy a Car At EPCOT’s Test Track?

test track goofy confused epcot

“Energizing for Power test.” Test Track is one of EPCOT’s most popular attractions, a high-speed car ride that lets Walt Disney Word Guests experience a simulated journey through the testing procedures that General Motors uses to evaluate its concept cars. The thrill ride culminates in a high-speed drive around the exterior of the EPCOT attraction, one that leaves Guests’ hair ...

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Ten Hearty On the Go Meals at Disney Parks

Quick service dining at Walt Disney World Resort had plenty of unique, hearty, and yummy meals for Guests to enjoy. I’ll never turn down a fancy table service dining experience, and I love searching out the best restaurant to enjoy a sit-down meal. But hearty quick service food is always part of my Disney dining plan. Regardless of what Disney ...

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Here’s Why You Should Go to Disney World Alone

Mickey Going Solo Feature Image

Going on a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort as a family can be one of the most magical experiences ever—the best time ever, in fact. And doing Disney together lets everyone in the group share in all the same magical moments in perfect harmony. But have you ever considered the very real possibility of perhaps one day taking a ...

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Joffrey’s New Specialty Cocktails Rival Some of Animal Kingdom’s Most Popular Drinks

When you think of your favorite cocktails at Walt Disney World, what restaurant comes to mind? Chances are it isn’t Joffrey’s, not because they don’t have delicious alcoholic beverages, but more because these kiosks around Walt Disney World tend to be our go-to’s for coffee and tea. Some of the latest concoctions from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea, however, have us ...

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5 Similarities Between EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After and Marc Davis’ Enchanted Snow Palace

frozen ever after

Frozen lovers will recognize EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After attraction right away, but do you know the classic Disney history which inspired some of your favorite scenes? Back in the 1970s, Disney Legend Marc Davis devised a now-abandoned Fantasyland dark ride at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. The Enchanted Snow Palace would have adapted Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” ...

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5 Disney Movies to Watch Before Your Next Visit to EPCOT

If you’re planning a trip to EPCOT Park at the Walt Disney World Resort soon, you’ll notice many more references to animated movies than when it opened in 1982. Of course, at the original onset, Walt Disney Imagineers intended for EPCOT (once an imagined real-life futuristic community of Walt Disney’s own dreams) to serve as a more educational Disney Park, ...

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5 Reasons Why This EPCOT Experience Should Be On Your Disney Bucket List

epcot spaceship earth

We all have a Disney Bucket List, right? From seeing the Utilidors to eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table to even just hugging Mickey Mouse, everyone has an experience they dream of on their first or fiftieth visit to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks. And one of EPCOT’s most popular backstage tours, Behind ...

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