How to Keep Your Phone Charged at Walt Disney World

Your cell phone is a necessity during a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, thanks to the My Disney Experience app. Not only does the app allow for online check-in and updated information about your Disney Resort, but it also contains everything you need to know about visiting the theme parks, including attraction wait times, dining availability, mobile order at restaurants, and more.


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The My Disney Experience app is also your gateway to Disney Genie, with the paid version of Genie+ and the complimentary tip board, as well as for Lightning Lane, which can get you into attractions with little to no wait. You can even view your Disney PhotoPass pictures all from your phone.

Keeping your phone charged throughout the day is important for having a good time in the parks, but without endless battery life it may take some extra planning to ensure your device makes it to the evening. Here are our tips:

Bring a portable charger

credit: amazon

credit: amazon

No, not a FuelRod, though we’ll cover those soon. Purchase your own portable charger (or two) ahead of your trip, and keep it charged by leaving it plugged in at your hotel room overnight.

FuelRods are the portable chargers you can purchase from vending machines in the parks and resorts, where you can then pay a small fee to swap it out for a re-charged one when the battery dies. They are great in a pinch, but in all honesty, most other portable chargers last much longer so it can be easier (and less expensive) to bring one from home.

Charge your phone during midday breaks


If you head back to your resort to nap or use the pool in the middle of the day, remember to plug in your phone. Even if you have your portable chargers ready to go, it never hurts to get your phone re-charged without them so you have your chargers for later in case you need them then.

Turn off background apps

If you have apps that are running in the background on your phone that you do not need while on vacation, you can turn those off to help you save some battery.

Excessive use of the My Disney Experience app plus increased screen brightness, so you can see your phone on a sunny day in the park, can drain your battery quicker, so anything else you can do on your phone to prolong that will be helpful.

As a last resort, charge your phone at a wall outlet


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It isn’t ideal, but sometimes you simply need to plug your phone in the old-fashioned way. This should be a last resort because you’d surely rather spend time experiencing the parks than sitting around waiting with your phone, but sometimes it is what it is.

Some quick-service restaurants have visible outlets you can use, and there are a couple of areas that are set up as phone charging stations, like the area by the Tangled restrooms in the Magic Kingdom for instance.

Before you leave home, remember to pack extra chargers and have a sturdy screen protector and phone case on your phone just in case. Enjoy your trip!

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