VIDEO: Guest Jumps Out of Pirates of the Caribbean

Shots of Guest jumping off of Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: TikTok user _curlyliz_

In a viral video, a man is seen hopping out of his boat on Pirates of the Caribbean with a child in his arms.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: D23

In modern times it seems there are many social media posts showing people misbehaving at Disney theme parks. Perhaps the number of people acting out, getting into fights, or breaking Park rules is the same as it has always been. But now, there’s proof!

The Viral Video

pirates of the caribbean attraction, retired wench auction scene

Credit: Disney

In the video that has now become viral on TikTok, the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion is played as the man leaves the attraction with his child. It’s unclear precisely what is happening in the scene as a Cast Member is present, and the ride’s interior lights have been turned on.

As he wades through the water of the Disneyland Park attraction, another Guest joins him in the evacuation.

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Park Ride Maintenance?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

There have been reports of questionable things happening in the water of theme Park attractions – so it might not be the most hygienic place to walk. But other Guests commenting on the video mention being stuck on the ride for over two hours. If that is true, then perhaps the Guest had a good reason, such as he needed to take his child to the bathroom, get something to eat, or was trying to prevent his little one from having a meltdown.

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Guests have commented on this video (and online overall) that Disney World and Disneyland have not been properly up-keeping their attractions, leading to more frequent and prolonged breakdowns.

Either way, a sober person must be pretty desperate to wade through the waters of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Aside from not being the cleanest water, you can also risk putting yourself in great danger, especially if the ride resumes.

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