12 Reasons Why You Should Move to Walt Disney World When You Retire

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Walt Disney World is a great retirement destination. It becomes a totally different way to enjoy the parks and all that Disney has to offer then when you simply vacation to there. Here are our top 12 reasons why you should totally move to Disney World when you retire:


12. There is minimal winter weather.

This is definitely a plus if you want to get out of the cold weather. Central Florida is very unlikely to experience snow or very many days that reach freezing or below during the entire winter season.

11. You would stay more active in retirement.

Even though you may be in retirement, you don’t want to settle down too much. It is still good to keep active and keep yourself engaged with others and what better place to do that than at Walt Disney World? You can definitely still get all of your steps in regularly through hanging out at the parks.

10. You can work at Disney part time to get Disney perks.

There are part time and seasonal opportunities that are great for retirees. It gives you the opportunity to create magic for others and have a little something to do, while also getting various Disney perks, including free park tickets and various discounts. It can definitely be a great gig!


9. There are golfing opportunities.

For the golfers out there, Disney has renowned golf courses that you can enjoy. There are also tons of golfing opportunities in Central Florida, in general, so golf enthusiasts would have a great time getting in their regular rounds of golf.

8. Florida Resident discounts are available when you live there.

Even if you didn’t want to work there part time to earn perks, you can still get discounts on park tickets and annual passes as a Florida resident. This will save hundreds of dollars on the passes and make them more affordable each year.

7. The kids and grandkids will have a great vacation spot to come and visit.

You definitely wouldn’t have to worry as much about your family and loved ones wanting to come and visit you. Living in the one of the most popular vacation cities in the United States helps to ensure that your family will want to come and visit for regular vacations so that they can get their own Walt Disney World fix.

6. There is something for everyone, at all paces.

No matter what pace you want to go during your retirement, there really is something for everyone. If you want to do active things like running, there are tons of great trails as well as multiple running events throughout the year. If you want to be more laid back, you can enjoy visiting the resorts or other slower paced type of events. If you just want to be immersed in Disney all the time, you can be a regular in the parks and enjoy it all. There is so much to do, that it would be hard to get bored.

5. You can participate in all of the seasonal events.

There are various seasonal festivals and events that occur at the different parks. When you only vacation to the area, you are limited to what is going on at the time, but when you are lucky enough to live there you can attend everything. There is always something new and different going on.

4. There are tons of great food options when you don’t want to cook.

If you want to enjoy the foodie life and the benefits of not cooking for yourself, Disney World has amazing food options. There are hundreds of restaurants, plus quick service and snack location type of dining. There are plenty of options that it is unlikely you would get bored with the dining selections at Walt Disney World.

3. Close to beaches, but less hurricane risk.

Hurricanes are unpredictable and you can never know how far inland they will come, but the risk is less when you live a little bit further from the beach. Orlando is around 45 minutes to an hour from beaches depending on which side you want to visit, but you get to live a little further away. This also means cheaper home insurance.

2. Become a “regular” with the cast members.

The more you visit Walt Disney World, the more that the cast members get to know you. This could mean additional magical moments and insights into happenings around Walt Disney World.

1. Disney Magic all the time!

Who wouldn’t want to be exposed to Disney magic all the time? That is exactly what you get when you live and play at Walt Disney World regularly. You get to be exposed to the fun and all the happiness. It is also a great place to meet and interact with other great people that are visiting and enjoying the parks.

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