28 People Trapped on Disney’s Tower of Terror

Tower of terror
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World’s The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been shut down. Today, Friday, August 18, reports flooded the news that 28 Guests were stuck on the thrill ride. Thankfully no one was reported injured or hurt.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is an elevator-style lift that propels Guests up and down the abandoned shaft. The attraction is housed in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, inside the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The Tower of Terror Entrance Sign

Credit: Disney

According to Gotta Go Orlando, “28 people were reportedly trapped in one of the elevators/ride vehicles at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride, with WFTV reporting that guests were trapped on the ride for around 45 minutes before being evacuated.” The most important news is that all Guests were safely evacuated from the ride.

What’s interesting is that original reports state Reedy Creek Fire Department responded to the incident. “When WFTV first reported the incident they said that firefighters from Reedy Creek Fire Department had helped with the evacuation of the 28 riders, but then reported that “it is unknown if the fire department ever responded to the ride to help with the evacuation,” Gotta Go Orlando wrote.

Now, further reports are saying the fire department did not respond to assist with evacuation. It seems Cast Members were once again the heroes saving the day, that assisted the Guests off the ride. Additionally, Ashley Carter updated to confirm, the fire department did not assist. 

The attraction was temporarily closed upon the evacuation. It has since reopened and is operating normally for Guests to ride. Additionally, the My Disney Experience App has shown a wait time of 145 minutes, which seemingly shows the attraction issue must not have been bad enough to keep it closed for the rest of the day.

Tower of terror

Credit: Disney World

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror is an iconic attraction in Disney World and a favorite to many thrill seekers. The spooky lobby paired with the gloomy feel of the abandoned hotel is an experience, to say the least. “This attraction is based on the popular television series which originally aired from 1959 to 1964,” Disney details. The twilight zone theme is only the first of many terrifying parts of the ride, as you can hear Guests’ screams while waiting to enter the attraction.
Tower of Terror

Credit: D23

As news continues to be reported, check back with Disney Tips for more information.

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