5 Different Ways to Re-Theme Disneyland’s Adventureland Treehouse

adventureland treehouse

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new theming that Disneyland Resort’s Adventureland Treehouse is receiving, or should we say ‘returning to?’ Yes, the classic Adventureland Treehouse is moving away from its Tarzan (1999) theme and returning to its Swiss Family Robinson (1960) origins with a new twist.

If you feel that the Adventureland Treehouse could receive something a little more innovative, you’re not alone. Here are five different directions Disneyland could have taken to add a refreshing look to the classic attraction!

Dylan Cole Avatar Concept Art

Source: Dylan Cole

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Walt Disney World brought the mystifying world of James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) to life with Animal Kingdom’s Pandora: The World of Avatar, and the Adventureland Treehouse is the perfect opportunity to bring that magic to Disneyland.

Modeling the treehouse after the Omaticaya Clan’s Hometree would definitely be an ambitious project, but it would certainly fit into Adventureland’s exotic and daring aesthetic. It would also take Guests into the world of Pandora in a totally new way.

Rafiki's ancient tree

Credit: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers

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The Lion King (1994) was an instant classic when it first debuted, and it’s still widely popular decades later. One way to give the Adventureland Treehouse a brand-new overhaul would be to model it after Rafiki’s Ancient Tree, the African baobab tree in which he resides. Audiences will remember the iconic hand paintings Rafiki draws of Simba on the bark of this giant tree.

Modeling the Adventureland Treehouse after Rafiki’s Ancient Tree would be a great way to show the whimsical and entertaining side of this character, as well as the mystical and spiritual side.

encanto antonio's bedroom

Credit: Byron Howard, Jared Bush

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Encanto (2021) is another example of an instant classic, and there’s no doubt that Disneyland Resort Guests would rush to the new tree for an Encanto-themed overhaul. The tree could be modeled after Antonio’s iconic bedroom within Casa Madrigal.

Between the exotic animals and jungle biome setting, Antonio’s room would be a fantastic theme for the Disney Resort’s treehouse.

jungle book

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Jungle Book (1967) would make an amazing overhaul to the Disneyland Adventureland Treehouse. It would create a classic, nostalgic feeling, and the giant tree perfectly fits into the Jungle Book aesthetic. Guests could feel just like Mowgli as they venture into the tree, learning all about the ‘Bare Necessities’ from Baloo and traveling under the watchful eye of Bagheera.

peter pan hangman's tree

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Lastly, the Hangman’s Tree from Peter Pan (1953) would make an excellent theme for Disneyland’s iconic treehouse. The Hangman’s Tree is a large tree full of secret entrances into the Lost Boys’ hideaway. Giving Guests a chance to feel like they’ll never grow up and like they’re one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys would be a magical way to retheme this classic attraction.

The Disneyland Adventureland Treehouse has always been a place for Guests to feel like they’re in a whimsical world in which natural resources and jungle surroundings are the norm. Although these different ideas would each pose a unique challenge for Walt Disney Imagineers, the results would undoubtedly be magical, exotic, adventurous, and innovative.

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