5 Reasons We Love Walt Disney World’s FastPass+

Disney’s FastPass+ system is amazing!  The old system required guests to go directly to the attraction and be forced into the return time that is available at that moment.  FastPass+ offers the ability to plan in advance and coordinate your schedule to get the most out of your time.  We definitely love the FastPass+ system and how convenient it is.  Here are the top 5 reasons why we love this system at Walt Disney World:


5. You can reserve selections up to 60 days in advance.

With FastPass+ you can actually make your selections 60 days in advance via My Disney Experience when you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort.  If you will be staying off property, you can start making reservations 30 days in advance as long as you have valid theme park admission linked to your My Disney Experience account.  You are able to make 3 selections for each day of your stay with valid admission.

4. You get to make a 4th selection (and more!)

You get to make 3 selections for each day by default – all three selections within the same park.  Once you have used those first 3 selections, then you will be able to make a 4th selection at the park FP+ kiosk or on your My Disney Experience mobile app.  Headed to another park? If you have a park hopper ticket or an Annual Pass, you are welcome to make your 4th selection at another park. After you have used your 4th FastPass+, you can snag a 5th FastPass, and so on until park closing! There are various strategies for how to get the most out of your FastPass+ selections, and one is that you make your first 3 selections a little bit earlier in the day so that you have the opportunity to use them and take advantage of a 4th FastPass+ selection and so on all the way until park closing.

3. Your Magic Band is how you use your FastPass+.

This is very different from the old system where you had to actually go to the attraction to get a piece of paper that you turn in at the FastPass line.  Now you are able to simply access your Fastpass+ selections using your Magic Band by tapping the Mickey head to the FastPass+ entry points.  If you don’t have a Magic Band, no worries!  The card you used to enter the park can also be used to access FastPass+ points in order to use the selections.  We love that we don’t have to keep track of the little pieces of paper anymore, since they can be so easily lost and dropped.


2. You get to select your own experiences and times.

So you could always select the experiences of your choosing with the previous system, but you didn’t have control over the times.  The FastPass times were based on the time at the distribution at the time that you got your paper tickets from the attraction.  Now you have the luxury of selecting the exact times for your experiences.  When you make the 3 selections, you can pick the specific times for those selections so that they fit within your sleep schedules, dining plans, show times, etc.  and it gets to all be based on your group’s needs.  This is extremely helpful when you are trying to coordinate all of your plans and need to set experiences for specific times.

1. The flexibility to change plans as needed.

Once your reservations are set, you aren’t stuck with them.  You can move them around in the days leading up to your vacation as well as the actually day of the selections.  If you are delayed at another attraction or miss one of your selections, you can reschedule it to a later time if there is availability or you can totally change the experience to something else.  This will help to ensure that you still get the most use out of your selections and don’t miss out.  We love the flexibility and convenience of the system and how easy it is to use and fit within existing plans.

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