4 Secrets In Disney’s Hollywood Studios At Walt Disney World

Guests who visit Walt Disney World love spending time in Disney’s Hollywood Studios enjoying amazing attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping. Guests who enjoy time in Disney’s Hollywood Studios can enter into The Twilight Zone and Star Wars universe, rock out with Aerosmith, laugh along with the Muppets, see how stunts are pulled off safely Indiana Jones style, and shrink down to the size of a toy. With so many amazing experiences to be had in the park, guests often hurry so that they can make the most of each moment and see as much as possible. By doing so, they miss out on some amazing details and secrets that are scattered throughout the areas of the park. Here are four secrets in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World that guests will love finding on their next Disney vacation.


4. Twilight References –

One of the most thrilling and popular attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Looming at the end of Sunset Boulevard, the attraction is housed in the decrepit Hollywood Tower Hotel. Guests who are brave enough to enter soon learn that five guests were struck by lightning in one of the hotel’s elevators years ago and have been trapped in The Twilight Zone ever since. Guests are then invited to be the stars in their very own episode of the famous series. Throughout the queue and attraction, guests can spot a number of hidden props and items which pay direct tribute to episodes of The Twilight Zone television show. For example, guests can spot a pair of broken glasses in the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel which pay homage to the episode “Time Enough At Last.”

3. A Rocking Tribute –

Located right next door to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is another thrilling attraction which lets guests tap into the spirit of rock and roll. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith invites guests into G Force Records where the band is recording their next big hit. After being invited to a concert across town, guests soon find themselves strapped into a super stretch limo and being launched at top speed into the neon lights of downtown Los Angeles. While waiting to enter into the preshow area of the attraction, guests should listen closely for a page over the intercom that is searching for an employee named Jude. Music fans will catch the reference to the famous Beatles song “Hey Jude.”

2. Tin Toy –

Toy Story Mania is one of the most popular attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and shrinks guests down to the size of toys to compete in a series of 3D midway games hosted by Woody, Buzz, and the Toy Story gang. After enjoying the attraction, guests disembark the attraction vehicles and move towards the exit while depositing their 3D glasses in collection bins. Right near the exit is a massive Little Golden Book titled Tin Toy depicting a toy marching on the cover. The author is John Lasseter, the current head of Pixar, who wrote the story years ago and ultimately was inspired by it to create the popular Toy Story series.



1. Pavement History –

The Sunset Boulevard section of Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings guests into the era of the roaring 1920s and 1930s in Hollywood. While exploring the area, guests should look down and try and spot a special marking on the pavement which pays tribute to the history of Disney and Hollywood. Near the beginning of Sunset Boulevard is a stamp embedded in the pavement which reads “Mortimer Bros Construction Co. 1928.” The stamp is a direct homage to Mickey Mouse whose original name was Mortimer and who first appeared on film in the 1928 classic Steamboat Willie.

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