6 Restaurants You’ll Love At Disney’s Epcot

Epcot is home to so many of the best restaurants at Walt Disney World, that narrowing them all down to only six was no easy task. After careful consideration, including naming San Angel Inn and Chefs de France as runner ups, here are six Epcot restaurants you’re sure to love!


1) Coral Reef Restaurant

Coral Reef Restaurant, which is the only table service location in Epcot’s Future World, is a rather unique dining experience. In this restaurant, the dining room is home to a beautiful view of the giant ocean tank at the Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion. Any table offers a great view of the tank, as the tables are set up like a theater, with the tables towards the back being raised up so guests can still see the tank if they sit there. The menu offers a mix of seafood, and classics like steak and salads. While the menu items themselves are not necessarily anything out of the ordinary, this restaurant cant make for a really fun dining experience– it’s not everyday that you could be eating lunch of dinner next to tropical fish.

2) Rose and Crown Dining Room

The Rose and Crown Dining Room, located in the UK pavilion in World Showcase is one of favorite Epcot restaurants for a couple of reasons. One is obviously that the food is delicious, but it’s also very authentic to an actual British pub. The menu items include classics like bubble and squeak, Yorkshire pudding, and fish and chips, as well as steaks and shepherds pie. The desserts at this location are also fabulous, though I’ve only ever had them when I purchase the dining plan because I’m often too full otherwise. Speaking of the dining plan, the Rose and Crown can be an excellent value if you’re using table service credits here. If you are a beer drinker, this is another reason why you should be dining at the Rose and Crown on your next trip. I usually order one of the flights so I can try a little bit of everything!

3) Via Napoli

Via Napoli, located in the back of the Italy pavilion, is my go-to spot in Walt Disney World for pizza. The large thin crust pizzas are cooked in beautiful ovens imported from Italy, and it’s some of the best pizza (and limoncello) I’ve ever had. It’s one of my favorite places to go for lunch, or for special events like the Candlelight Processional dinner package if you happen to be dining in the parks during the holidays. The staff here are very friendly and welcoming, and dessert is excellent as well. Did I mention limoncello?

4) Nine Dragons

If you’re looking for Chinese food around the Orlando area, you might as well just hop on over to Epcot and visit Nine Dragons, as you won’t find anything nearly as good outside of the parks. Okay, I might be kind of biased being from Boston, where I like to think we have some pretty great Chinese food restaurants. Anyway, Nine Dragons offers an upscale twist on the standard Americanized Chinese options, at a great value for a restaurant at World Showcase. Some entrees cost as little as $17 or $18 for lunch, which is a bargain in this part of the resort. The atmosphere in the restaurant is also very nice, it’s usually quieter than other locations, the décor really adds a lot to the theme, and the restaurant is always exceptionally clean.


5) Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table in Morocco, is, in my opinion, the best restaurant in World Showcase if you’re looking for that lovely view of World Showcase Lagoon. For whatever reason that I honestly do not understand, the restaurant is not often crowded, so you can usually walk up and be completely fine without a reservation, at least for lunch. The restaurant bills itself as offering Mediterranean small plates, which make nice shareable appetizers for a small group, but they do offer some full size entrees as well. I would consider the food here to be a good value, since the quality of food is worth what you’re paying for it, however it can easily become one of the more expensive options depending on what you order. If you stop by for appetizers, definitely have an order of hummus, it’s my favorite!

6) Le Cellier

Le Cellier, Epcot’s signature dining experience is located in the Canada pavilion at World Showcase. This steakhouse offers the usual steak entrees, however the signature dish is the filet mignon, which I highly recommend. (And if you’ve tried it from the kiosk during Food and Wine Festival, I still recommend eating at the restaurant, because the entrée steak is much better). The next best part of the food at Le Cellier is the poutine, and the cheddar cheese soup (try dipping the pretzel bread in it!)

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