6 Rides Or Attractions You Really Should FastPass At Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some pretty amazing attractions.  You will definitely want to see and experience all that the park has to offer, which means you should leverage FastPass that is already included in the cost of admission.  To do so you have to first understand that some of the attractions are Tier 1, and some are Tier 2.  For one day, you can only select 1 attraction from Tier 1 and two selections from Tier 2.  Once you use all of your FastPasses for the day, then you may have the opportunity to get another FastPass option added which usually comes from the Tier 2 category since most attractions in Tier 1 are taken.  Here are the 6 rides or attractions that I would consider using FastPass for at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:


6. Fantasmic (Tier 1)

I highly recommend this one, only depending on the situation.  If it is a night where there are 2 showings of Fantasmic, I would say that you could forgo the FastPass and plan to see the second show.  This will free up a FastPass option for another attraction and allow you the longest time in the park.  If there is only one show for the evening, I would definitely FastPass this one.  The lines get extremely long and the show gets to standing room only quickly.  So this is definitely an attraction that you want to play the system to use a FastPass wisely for.

5. Star Tours (Tier 2)

With the increased buzz around all things Star Wars lately, this attraction is definitely one to consider using a FastPass for.  The lines for this one aren’t typically the longest in the park, but since this is one of the Tier 2 options, it is a great selection that will give you the most time back in your day.

4. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration (Tier 2)

This is an AMAZING show that you will definitely want to see.  It typically runs every hour for a certain time span during the day.  With a FastPass, you will get to enter the holding area first and won’t have to wait in line as long.  The lines get VERY long and waiting around for an hour can take a lot of time out of your day.  With the FastPass you can show up much closer to the show start time and ensure that you will get a spot in that exact show.  Definitely a good use of a FastPass.

3. Tower of Terror (Tier 2)

This is a popular attraction, and my personal favorite.  This is a Tier 2 attraction, so this is one of the best ones to grab after you have made your Tier 1 selection (which tend to have the longest lines) as it will save you a good amount of time, and you won’t miss any of the amazing ride queue!  The lines for this attraction are usually at least 30 minutes and higher at certain points during the day, so it can definitely save you time.

2. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Tier 1)

For you thrill and coaster junkies, you aren’t going to want to miss this one.  This is an amazing attraction and the only attraction in all of Walt Disney World that has a loop!  The lines are often long, especially during peak times of the day, making this a great FastPass option.  Just remember that this is a Tier 1 option, so you will want to plan carefully since you can only make one Tier 1 selection. Keep in mind Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster does have a single rider line!


1. Toy Story Midway Mania (Tier 1)

This is one of the most popular attractions in all of Walt Disney World.  The waits are seldom below 60 minutes, except during slow periods or rare lulls in the day.  If you are a Toy Story fan, you will definitely either want to FastPass this one or make a dash for it first thing at park opening (which can still land you a 30 minute wait depending on how many other dashers there are).  It is a really fun attraction and one of the few attractions at this park that doesn’t have a height restriction so everyone can ride!

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