6 Things You Will Love About 50’s Prime Time Cafe At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Tips

We associate 50’s Prime Time Cafe an extremely comfortable restaurant that fills us with the warm feelings of family and home. This restaurant is meant to take you back in time, and at the same time promote family, togetherness, manners and good behavior. It is unlike any other restaurant on property, and likely unlike any restaurant that you have ever eaten at before. Here are the 6 things that I feel you will love about 50’s Prime Time Cafe the most:


6. The 50’s family decor

Walking into the restaurant really feels like you have taken a step back into the 50’s. The furniture, decor, newspapers and every little detail are something from the 50’s. This spans from the lobby and into the dining room with every detail thought of. The TVs are even set to 50’s shows and include commercials you likely would have seen during that time. The restaurant, itself, is worth exploring all on its own before we even get to the rest of the awesomeness!

5. Service from your “family”

You will have an aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. serving you the delicious menu choices from “Mom’s” kitchen. They will talk to you and treat you as family and like they have known you for years. They may even pull up a chair and sit down with you to take your order and chat about the day. the cast at this location are a major part of the experience and do an amazing job playing their part of the magic.

4. Minding your manners and doing your chores

You better brush up on proper manners and etiquette, because your relatives will call you out if you stray from your good manners. That means no elbows on the table, no tattling, no arguing, etc. You also have to “do your chores” and set the table with your napkins and silverware before you can eat. It’s a lot of fun!

3. The antics and show put on by the cast

Well of course there is consequences for not following all of the rules! You may be fed by your “relative” if you don’t finish all of your food, have the airplane or choo choo game played to feed you when you don’t eat your vegetables or even have to sing a song or perform if you are tattling or being difficult. It’s fun to be a part of the action, and to watch the different families around you playing along with their “punishment”. It’s all in good fun and something that makes the restaurant truly unique.

2. Comfort food and home-style menu options

The menu is one that is definitely inclusive all of the down-home favorites that you would expect to experience from mom’s all American kitchen. You have pot roast, meatloaf, pot pie, fried chicken and other delicious, hearty favorites. Everything we have tried has been absolutely wonderful and the definition of comfort food. The fried chicken is our family favorite, and the serving is HUGE. We find it pretty easy to share with the boys if they aren’t as hungry since we never seem to finish it all! Just make sure that you eat those vegetables, or you’ll be in trouble!


1. The milkshakes and desserts!

I know the Peanut Butter and Jelly milkshake might sound odd, but it is DELICIOUS! It is one of my favorite things there. If you aren’t feeling as brave, there are many other delicious milkshake and dessert options. They are served as you would expect from a 50’s diner-type menu and are rich and very large. If you do order a milkshake, it comes with the full silver cup, and is more than plenty to share. Make sure you get one to try! You won’t be sorry!

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