6 Things You Will Love About Be Our Guest Restaurant At Walt Disney World

There is definitely a reason why the reservations for this restaurant are gone almost instantly when the reservation booking window opens at 180 days. The restaurant is one of the newer options on Disney property, and stays busy from open to close. This restaurant can only be explored and viewed if you have a reservation, so you must dine there to be able to wander around and enjoy all of the details and recreation of classic scenes and moments from Beauty and the Beast. Here are 6 things I know that you will love about Be Our Guest during your experience:

6. Trying “the grey stuff”.

It’s delicious! Don’t believe us? Ask the dishes! (Unfortunately the dishes didn’t sing and dance for us.) Desserts are displayed on a rolling cart, just like you would expect to see in France. “The grey stuff” is one of the many delicious looking dessert selections, and it worth the choice. it is extremely tasty and will curb your after-dinner sweet tooth. It is so fun to eat the classic dessert from the song and movie and be immersed even more into the Beauty and the Beast experience.

5. There are 3 different dining rooms.

The restaurant boasts 3 very different and equally amazing dining rooms. There is the Castle Gallery, the West Wing and the Ballroom. Each of them offer perfect theming and detailed decor that make you feel like you are really dining in a room in the actual castle. The Ballroom has a snowing effect in the windows to even make you feel like it is winter, as it was in the movie. We can’t get enough of the detail in each of these rooms, which makes it hard to pick a favorite! The ceilings, the decor, the art and just everything. It is all done with an unbelievable level of detail and match to one of our favorite Disney classics.

4. You can see the rose.

The rose is a huge icon from the movie and major part of the story line. It would only make sense that the rose has its own special place in the castle. If you check out the West Wing, you will be able to see the famous rose recreated perfectly. Disney never ceases to amaze me in the level of detail that put into the little touches, and they outdid themselves with the way the rose turned out. You definitely have to check this out!

3. Meet and greets with the Beast.

There aren’t many opportunities to meet the Beast throughout the Disney parks, and even if there were this one would still be the best. The Beast visits with his guests during dinner service. He receives a royal announcement upon entering, and makes a pass through each room to quickly bow to his guests. He then heads to his study where guests are able to drop by to get in line and get their picture with him. You get to meet with him whenever it is convenient for you during your time in the castle, which is really nice to some small kids may be intimidated by him.

2. The restaurant is open for each meal.

This restaurant is actually open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each menu is different and offers different levels of service. You are able to make advanced dining reservations for each of these three meals, and they go extremely fast. Breakfast and lunch offer a quick-service menu, and you can complete your order online from your My Disney Experience account from 30 days until the reservation. It is a really neat feature and gives you one less thing to worry about. All of the experiences allow you to get a feel for the amazing castle and atmosphere, and enjoy classic French fare.

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1. It’s stunning, from every aspect!

In case you didn’t pick up on it by this point, the restaurant is completely amazing and so much more than just a restaurant. The service and staff are also wonderful and complete the experience for a special, French-inspired culinary experience. I can’t take my eyes off of the chandelier every time that we are dining there. It is so shiny and sparkly and is an almost perfect replica to the movie. The music that plays in the background is music from the movie and takes you back to scenes from the movie. Every detail is just about perfect and captures the your heart just as the movie has!

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