6 Things You Will Love About Raglan Road In Disney Springs

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Guests who visit Walt Disney World and are looking for unique dining experiences are sure to be thrilled by the number of options available. From quick service meals and snacks to fine dining experiences and character meals, there are endless options for guests to enjoy. A great full service restaurant that guests love visiting in Disney Springs is Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. Allowing guests to feel as though they have stepped from Central Florida to a quaint pub in the middle of Ireland, Raglan Road serves up live entertainment, amazing food, and an atmosphere that can’t be beat. Those guests who are looking for a great location to enjoy a full service meal on their next Walt Disney World vacation should definitely try out Ragland Road. Here are six things that guests will love about Ragland Road Irish Pub and Restaurant!


6. The Atmosphere –

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant is a massive but charming restaurant with plenty of dark wood accents and an atrium celling with beautiful stain glass mosaic windows. The central focus of the restaurant is a stage on which live performances occur and nearby is a massive bar with beautifully decorated wood and plenty of options for guests to enjoy. In addition to the architecture and décor, there is plenty of artwork including an interesting picture of Bono hidden slightly off to the side of the main stage. Guests can also enjoy a stop in the gift shop to browse authentic Irish items and keepsakes.

5. The Live Entertainment –

The focal point of Ragland Road Irish Pub and Restaurant is the main stage which features live entertainment throughout each meal period to keep guests clapping along and happy. A live band plays a mix of both traditional Irish songs and modern tunes and when they go on break the dancers come out. Irish step dancers appear on both the main stage and a small stage in the center of the dining room and they perform both soft shoe and hard shoe numbers. The dancers also occasionally invite children from the dining room to join them on stage and learn some steps. The entertainment at Ragland Road is great for the entire family to enjoy!

4. The Location –

The location of Ragland Road makes it ideal for guests to make an entire afternoon or evening of the meal. Located in Disney Springs, Raglan Road is just steps away from the beautiful water and plenty of unique shopping locations. Guests can wander Disney Springs either before or after their meal and enjoy shopping in the World of Disney, which is the largest Disney Store in the world, Once Upon A Toy, the Marketplace Co-Op, and the Lego Store. With plenty of shopping opportunities, guests are sure to have a great time on top of their meal in Ragland Road.

3. The Drinks –

Any respectable Irish pub has an extensive list of delicious drinks, and Raglan Road is no exception! Guests who are of age and dine there for lunch and dinner can enjoy cocktails with unique names like the Teelings Whisky Punch, Irish Honey Cup, Iced Irish, Raspy Old Fashioned, and Bailey’s Shake. In addition to cocktails, Raglan Road features an extensive wine list and plenty of bottled and draft beer options. Guests who are looking to try something new should indulge in an Irish craft beer some of which are brewed specifically for and named after Ragland Road!


2. The Food –

The drinks aren’t the only delicious thing at Ragland Road Irish Pub and Restaurant! The lunch and dinner menus are both amazing and are sure to feature options to please even the pickiest of eaters. Guests will also have a blast reading all of the menu options as they have hysterical and clever names! Guests can enjoy the Go(at) Fig(ure) Salad, Lambo, Keen Eye for the Shepard’s Pie, It’s Not Bleedin’ Chowder, and Braised Be Beef. With fun names and delicious flavors, guests are sure to enjoy any item ordered up at Ragland Road.

1. The Dessert –

After the main course guests better have room for dessert because Ragland Road knows how to do it right! Guests can enjoy options like a Strawberry and Apple Crumble, Black Forest Kiss, Fluffy Lemon Clouds, and Trifle Sinful. The real star of the dessert menu is Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding which is outrageously sweet, sticky, and decadent to the last bite. Guests will find themselves licking the plate and wanting another serving after enjoying a meal at Ragland Road Irish Pub and Restaurant!

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