6 Tips For Grandparents Going To Walt Disney World

My favorite Disney vacations have been when my children’s grandparents can come along. It is so much fun for the family to experience the magic of Disney together. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of hands to help out as well! A multi generational trip to Walt Disney World can make for fun easy memories or turn into a difficult disaster. With proper planning your family’s Disney vacation will be one you talk about for years to come. Here are 6 tips for Grandparents going to Disney World.


6. Check The Weather

It is important to check the seasonal forecast when choosing your vacation dates. If you are traveling with really young babies or older grandparents temperatures can make a big difference. Orlando can get very hot in the summer months. When we travel during those times I make sure to pack portable fans, lots of water, sunscreen, and hats. A rain poncho is a good idea too. Being prepared in advance will keep all ages happy!

5. Stay On Property

The ease of staying at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels is worth the extra money. From the Magical Express airport pick up to the complimentary transportation to the parks. The entire family can quickly get around from the resort to the park…and stay together. I also like staying on property because if Grandpa has had enough of Goofy and wants an afternoon cat nap he can do it! Just jump on the monorail or bus and meet back up later in the day.

4. Book A Few Table Service Meals

I would plan to make some dining reservations that include table service restaurants. First, no one really wants to eat quick service food all the time. Grandparents will likely appreciate a chance to sit down and have a quality meal with great service. It allows the family to take a rest and regroup! Not to mention Disney World has some fabulous cuisine to share.

3. Ride Attractions with No Height Restrictions

Your family may want to race right off to the thrill rides like Tower of Terror or Splash Mountain but give Grandma a few minutes before you get her hair all a mess! Make sure when planning your park itinerary to fit in attractions that all ages will enjoy. The classics like Dumbo The Flying Elephant or It’s A Small World are great choices. I love that both wait areas are covered and air conditioned. Dumbo even provides a seated wait area which our Grandparents loved. For an afternoon break, I enjoy riding the train around Magic Kingdom. This gives the group a chance to rest their legs and chat about their day.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

This tip really applies to all Disney park guests. A bad choice of shoes will really ruin a great vacation! Make sure everyone knows to pack comfortable shoes that are worn in. Don’t buy a new pair of sneakers the day before you go!


1. Take Lots of Photos

Your precious grandchildren will only be little for so long and lively grandparents will only be around for so long as well. Make sure to document your trip with lots of pictures and videos. You will appreciate the effort later down the road. Even better sign up for Memory Maker and Disney will do it for you. This allows you to download and use all the Photo Pass pictures the wonderful Disney photographers take of your family. Find out more about this service and pricing on Disney’s official website.

The most important thing of all is to relax and enjoy this time with your extended family. It is a blessing to be able to share these memories together. Follow these special tips and enjoy the only vacation that makes you feel like a kid again.

About Lauren Young

My name is Lauren Young.  My first trip to Disney was as a toddler before I could even remember Mickey and Main Street.  We've celebrated family reunions to first dates in the happiest place on earth! Fast forward to today where I enjoy seeing the magic of Disney World through the eyes of my three kids. I'm a proud Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer wife, stay at home mom of three under the age of 5, wannabe domestic goddess, a writer, and a southern Georgia peach thru and thru! Before my kiddos took over my 9 to 5 (or shall I say MY ENTIRE LIFE), I happily worked in the travel industry.  My days were filled with planning corporate retreats & beach weddings at a beautiful resort on the Oregon Coast.  Well I tossed the sand filled high heels and have fully embraced the spit up stained loungers life.  But a girl still has to make time for her other loves, right?  So in those spare minutes of the day you will find me blogging on my travel website, Swoon Me Away (  I also enjoy trying to be crafty, planning fabulous parties and daydreaming about my next Disney vacation!