8 Awesome Things About Journey Into Imagination With Figment At Walt Disney World

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Many guests who enjoy a vacation in Walt Disney World love to spend the majority of their time exploring and enjoying the four theme parks. Each park has a unique theme that is conveyed through wonderful attractions, entertainment, shopping, dining, and more. EPCOT is especially unique! The Imagination Pavilion celebrates the power of imagination with a theater and a wonderful attraction that guests love to experience. Journey Into Imagination with Figment invites guests to embark on a guided tour of the Imagination Institute’s sensory labs lead by Dr. Nigel Channing. Soon enough, Figment the lovable dragon joins the tour and causes all sorts of mayhem and enjoyable moments. With plenty of jokes and special effects, guests are shown how imagination works best when set free. Here are eight totally cool things about Journey Into Imagination with Figment.


1. Whiteboard Hidden Mickey

Near the beginning of the attraction, guests find themselves passing through the sight lab where there are plenty of mind bending posters on the walls and props scattered on the tables. Before rotating to form a semi-circle around the screen in the middle of the room, guests pass by a whiteboard with all sorts of formulas and notes scribbled on it. Those who look quickly on the bottom of the board can spot a classic Hidden Mickey drawn by one of the scientists.

2. Pipe Puns

The smell lab features many intricate pipes surrounding a large series of three spinners. Figment turns the spinners into a game and guests align three symbols to win a scent. Unfortunately the scent they win is pretty smelly, however there are tons of puns for them to enjoy throughout the scene. Guests who look closely at the pipes will find all sorts of amusing phrases including “non-scents” and more.

3. Tennis Shoes

While continuing on their tour, guests pass by a large room filled with complicated looking computers and just outside the door there are a pair of illuminated red sneakers on the floor. Nearby is a sign that says no tennis shoes are allowed inside the room of computers. These props pay homage to the film The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.


4. Medfield College

Also found near the red shoes is a red letterman jacket with a large letter M on it. The jacket is a nod to Medfield College where The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes was set as well as another classic Disney live action film, The Absent-Minded Professor. This subtle reference is a great example of the depth to which Imagineers will go to add meaningful detail to an attraction!

5. Dean Finder

While moving through the Imagination Institute, guests pass many different doors which often lead to other laboratories as well as offices. One door in particular pays homage to a character who was featured in the very first version of Journey Into Imagination with Figment. A door reads “Dean Finder” which is a clever reference to Dreamfinder who would travel around the world with Figment collecting bits of imagination.

6. Figment’s Décor

Near the end of the attraction, Dr. Nigel Channing decides that the tour is going too awry and contemplates ending it. At that point, Figment steps in and invites guests to his own open house which is literally located in his home. Guests who look all around and above them can spot tons of interesting everyday household items that Figment has personalized to fit his style of imagination!

7. Onion Ring Hidden Mickey

In the kitchen scene of Figment’s open house, guests can spot lots of great details including Figment raiding his own fridge, a Figment teapot, and a Figment shaped oven mitt. On the table in the kitchen is also a plate of delicious looking onion rings. Guests who look closely will notice that three of the round onion rings come together to form a perfect Hidden Mickey!

8. Dream Catcher

The finale of Journey Into Imagination with Figment bring guests to a scene where Dr. Nigel Channing admits that imagination does work best when it is set free. Figment then unveils a scene where his character can be seen in many different forms celebrating the different types of imagination. A large piece of sheet music featuring the main song from the attraction can be spotted with an interesting silhouette on the top. The silhouette is the Dream Catcher which Dreamfinder and Figment would fly around in in the first version of the attraction.

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