The Easiest Hidden Mickeys to Spot at Walt Disney World

Have you really been to Walt Disney World if you haven’t spotted at least one Hidden Mickey? 

What is a Hidden Mickey?

You could say Mickey Mouse is the most well-known Disney character. Not only is he well-loved by Guests from around the world, but he has an easily-recognisable voice and plenty of well-know phrases, including ‘oh boy!’. But Mickey also has a distinctly recognisable shape that has become the ideal thing to disguise around the Walt Disney World Resort, in theme park attractions, restaurants, Resort hotels, restroom, pavements… The list goes on!

Hidden Mickeys Walt Disney World

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Hidden Mickey’s can be presented in a variety of different ways. You may see a classic Hidden Mickey, which is made of a larger circle, and two smaller circles placed as ears. A Hidden Mickey may also take the form of a silhouette of Mickey, or maybe even other Disney characters.

How did Hidden Mickeys come about?

To be a Walt Disney Imagineer is a pretty prestigious role to have. For younger Guests who have a passion for the Walt Disney Company, they are likely to aspire to, one day, be a Disney Imagineer and play a part in creating the magic that Guests experience around the Disney Parks and Resorts.

To occupy the role of a Disney Imagineer holds a lot of pressure, given that you are responsible for creating the magic of the Disney Parks and Resorts, and turning ideas into reality. Did you know though that any idea that a Disney Imagineer, as well as any other Disney Cast Member, proposes to the Walt Disney Company that becomes reality belongs to the Walt Disney Company? With this in mind, the Imagineers have had to find creative ways of putting their stamp on their creations and ideas when they come an attraction or masterpiece of the Disney Parks. One way in which they can do this, is to place a Hidden Mickey. 


Credit: Zach Riddley

Some Hidden Mickeys, you’ll have to look really hard to find, as they are cleverly disguised to make them incredibly difficult to see. Others though, you can’t really miss! Here are the easiest Hidden Mickeys to spot around the Walt Disney World Resort?

Magic Kingdom

As you pass through the ballroom scene in the Haunted Mansion, pay close attention to the table that is set for dinner. You will see three plates placed in the shape of Mickey. You’ll also want to keep a look out for a large Hidden Donald Duck on an armchair, before you enter the ballroom scene. Once you see him, you can’t un-see him!


Credit: Disney Tips

In Fantasyland, just behind Prince Charming Regal Carousel, you’ll find Sir Mickey’s store. Check out the sign outside the store, and you’ll see a perfect Hidden Mickey. Why not go inside and get a sprinkle of pixie dust too?


Credit: V Mills


If you’ve been on Soarin’ Around The World, then you should have spotted one of the most obvious Hidden Mickeys around Walt Disney World. As you fly over EPCOT, towards Spaceship Earth, watch Tinker Bell as she sets two fireworks off, either side of Spaceship Earth to create a magical Hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickeys Walt Disney World on Soarin

Credit: V Mills

Living with the Land offers a couple of obvious Hidden Mickeys. Look out for a large Hidden Mickey, made from plants, in the first greenhouse. Keep your eyes peeled as you’re passing through the fish sections; there is usually a Hidden Mickey made from wire in one of the water tubes before you enter the next greenhouse. You may even see a Hidden Minnie too!


Credit: V Mills

When exploring The Seas with Nemo & Friends, look out for a giant Mickey, made from pebbles, at the bottom of one of the aquarium tanks. 


Credit: V Mills

As you wander the streets of the Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase, look out for three golden plates that are hanging on a wall.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

When in the library ahead of riding The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, watch the video closely. Notice what the little girl is holding, as the cast of the pre-show enter the elevator.


Credit: V Mills

Whilst watching MuppetVision 3D, look for a Mickey-shaped balloon in the final scene where Kermit is riding on the back of a fire truck.


Credit: Disney

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Look down as you’re wandering through the different lands of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, to see stones placed around metal coverings, in the shape of Mickey. How many can you spot?


Credit: Disney Tips

If you’re near Harambe Fruit Market, make sure you check the floor for a large Hidden Mickey that is disguised as a large dark patch of pavement!

Disney Resort hotels

When entering Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa from the Disney Monorail, look closely at the marble floor. You’ll see some of your favorite Disney friends, not just Mickey Mouse!


Credit: V Mills

If you’re wandering through Disney’s Yacht Club, make sure to look down. The shapes in design on the carpet will look very familiar! Check the carpet in other Disney Resort hotels too, for more Hidden Mickeys!


Credit: Pinterest

When staying in a Royal Guest Room in Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort, make sure to check out the lampshade, hanging above the seating area. The Hidden Mickey’s are very clear to see!


Credit: TripAdvisor

Check out the sandcastle waterslide at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. You won’t miss the Mickey-shaped opening of the slide into the pool!

When passing through Disney’s Contemporary Resort on the Disney Monorail, or walking through after dining at Chef Mickey’s, make sure to check out the huge Mickey entrance to the Fantasia gift store. 


Credit: TripAdvisor

How many of these Hidden Mickeys have you spotted? Are there any that you haven’t yet seen?

Plenty more to find

We’ve only touched the surface of Hidden Mickeys here, discussing those that are easiest to see. These Mickeys are the ones to start your hunt with. As you become used to the shape, you will start to find smaller Mickey’s or those that are disguised in different ways. Before you know it, you’ll be spotting Hidden Mickeys in every Disney theme park and Resort, and Disney Springs. You’ll soon be hunting the more difficult Hidden Mickeys, and looking for more than one in famous Disney attractions, such as “it’s a small world”, Splash Mountain, and the Toy Story Land attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Next time you’re in Walt Disney World, make sure you spend some of your Disney vacation seeking out Hidden Mickey’s. Work as a team with the rest of your party to see how many you can spot together, or make it a competition to see who can spot the most Hidden Mickeys first. You’re in for a lot of fun!

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