8 Facts and Secrets About Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Immensely popular with both young and older guests alike, Star Tours-The Adventures Continue invites you to experience the Star Wars universe via a 3-D motion- simulated galactic flight. From the moment you enter the lush, dark forests of Endor and come in contact with the enormous AT-AT, through the winding queue of the amazingly detailed and busy starport, you are transported into the saga that is Star Wars. Once you reach the boarding point and prepare to journey to alien environments and encounter cosmic characters, C3-PO will be your pilot on this unpredictable and memorable voyage.


The next time you take a trip through hyperspace to a galaxy far, far, away, check out these facts and secrets about Star Tours-The Adventures Continue.

1. History

This attraction opened in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 1989 as Star Tours, but it was not one of the park’s original attractions. The summer of 2010 brought a closure for refurbishments, and the attraction re-opened in 2011 under its current name, Star Tours-The Adventures Continue. More changes came in 2015 with the opening of the newest film to the franchise, Star Wars-The Force Awakens. The latest version of the attraction includes new interactions and scenes with the latest characters, including BB-8 and Finn.

2. Your Vehicle

The StarSpeeder 1000 will transport you on your galactic adventure into the Star Wars realm. The flight simulator seats 40 guests, and if you are prone to motion sickness, you will want to sit in the middle of the vehicle. Guests sitting in the back row on the ends will experience the most motion. The StarSpeeder 1000 is actually very similar to the flight simulator used by the military to train pilots.

3. Never the Same Experience

With more than 50 different combinations and scenarios, guests get a new adventure every time they experience this attraction. Different planets, environments, characters, and interactions await you, and a new outcome is almost guaranteed each time you board. Be careful, as your starship is harboring a Rebel Spy on each trip, and the small video screen in the vehicle will display who it is.

4. Luggage

As you walk through the queue on the way to your interstellar flight, check out the luggage scanner area. As baggage is scanned, you might catch a glimpse of Chip and Dale, C3-PO’s head, Madame Leota (from the Haunted Mansion), Aladdin’s lamp, Mouse Ears, an outfit belonging to the Incredibles, and Wall-E’s eyes.

5. Retired Droids

Windows along the inside queue show silhouettes of older droids, and you might catch a glimpse of some famous characters too. Look for R2-D2 wearing a pair of Mickey ears.

6. Tatooine Traders

When you exit the StarSpeeder 1000, you walk through the Tatooine Traders gift shop before leaving the building. Modeled after the Mos Espa village in Episode One-the Phantom Menace, this is a great chance to pick up a custom light saber, Star Wars action figure, book, poster, and one-of-a-kind t-shirt. Keep in mind that purchases can be sent to your resort if you are staying onsite so that you’re not carrying around an oversized purchase.


7. Photo Opportunity

For more Star Wars fun, climb on the Speeder Bike directly across from this attraction. With the Endor forest in the background, this makes for a great photo.

8. Around the World

Guests in Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland all have the opportunity to take a ride on this thrilling attraction.

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