8 Reasons Proper Planning Is Critical For Walt Disney World

Disney's BoardWalk Pool

8. Getting Excited

Not only is proper planning helpful, for the rest of the reasons included in this list, but planning for your vacation will get you excited! Part of planning your trip can even be making a countdown, or planning out which Disney themed outfits you’re going to pack with you to wear to the parks.


7. Choosing the Right Resort

If you plan ahead for your Disney vacation, you’ll most likely end up choosing the resort that will work best for you and your family. Choosing a resort at Walt Disney World is actually a lot more involved than picking a resort you like the theme of. Another important part of choosing a Disney resort is that you should consider the location. For instance if you would like to stay in a deluxe resort and plan on visiting the Magic Kingdom the most, staying at either a monorail resort or the Wilderness Lodge would be the most beneficial option for you. When selecting a resort, keep in mind the recent addition of overnight parking fees now charged daily to resort guests at all Walt Disney World Resorts.

6. Your Favorite Attractions

Proper planning, through the advanced use of Fastpass+, allows you to know ahead of time that you’ll be able to experience some of your favorite attractions with little to no wait. In my opinion, one of the downsides to Fastpass+ is that you don’t always know whether or not you’ll actually need a Fastpass. On the plus side however, booking Fastpasses just in case the parks are really busy, is basically being better safe than sorry. If the parks do turn out to be crazy, you’ll at least know that you have three attractions you can experience with a short way.

5. Budgeting Well

Proper planning can be critical to your Disney vacation because it will help you understand and keep track of your budget. By planning out which restaurants you’ll be going to ahead of time, or setting aside some extra money for shopping, you won’t have quite the sticker shock that you would if you just showed up at the parks without doing some extra planning.

4. Creating Back Up Plans

Do you know what you’d do if you plan on seeing the Festival of Fantasy parade but rainy weather shows up out of the blue? This point might not be something you need to plan well in advance, but maybe the morning of discussing what you’d do in case of rain would be helpful. If you’ve ever been waiting for the parade to start when rain comes, you know how hectic the park can become. People generally scramble for cover or towards the exit, and in all the chaos that ensues when the weather turns it would be beneficial for you to have some sort of a plan.

3. Dining Reservations

If you’re planning on dining at some of the more popular restaurants in the parks, like Be Our Guest, Ohana, or Le Cellier, just to name a few, you really should be making reservations well in advance. Especially during busier times of year, tables at the popular restaurants fill up quickly, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on eating at your favorite location when you easily could have made reservations in advance and had a table.


2. Knowing the Parks

If you’ve done some planning for your Disney vacation, you probably have a good idea of what each of the parks have to offer. Even if you’ve never been to the parks, doing some planning ahead of time will at least leave you with the minimal knowledge of what’s in each park. If you do some basic planning and research, you won’t be disappointed when looking for an attraction only to find that it’s in the wrong park. Having some basic knowledge of the parks can also be helpful in deciding what to do with your time while you’re there.

1. Saving Time

If you’ve already planned some of your Disney vacation prior to your arrival, you’re in luck simply because you won’t waste time planning what you’ll be doing while you’re actually on vacation. It always amazed me during my time on the Disney College Program, when I would see families sitting somewhere in the parks literally planning out the rest of their trip for upwards of an hour. Proper planning is so important because you don’t want you to be spending time on your vacation planning for the rest of your vacation. Doing this is simply a poor use of your time, and you’d be much better off getting all the planning out of the way before you arrive at Disney.

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