8 Things to Know About Amphicars at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is known for offering a variety of different experience to suit the tastes and interests of all guests.  The Amphicars tour is one of the unique offerings that will definitely provide a one of a kind experience for guests.  Check out these 8 things to know about the Amphicars at Disney Springs:


8. What are the Amphicars?

An Amphicar is an amphibious automobile.  It is a car that can travel on land and in the water.  It can drive right into the water and then start gliding across the water. Per the website for The Boathouse, it is the only location in the world that offers the experience of ridding in a vintage Amphicar.  This makes it an extremely special and memorable experience to enjoy when visiting Walt Disney World.  If you are a family that likes new and unique things, then this is definitely for you.

7. Where to find the Amphicars.

The experience is located at The BOATHOUSE within the Disney Springs area of Walt Disney World.  The Amphicar Landing is right next to the restaurants.  Guests that are enjoying food and drinks on the deck areas can watch the arrivals and departures of the vehicles.

6. There are PhotoPass photographers available.

If you like to take advantage of photo opportunities with Disney’s PhotoPass photographers, you will be glad to know that they are available for this experience.  They are onsite for pre- and post-launch photos.  They are also available to take pictures along the ride, too!


5. Walt Disney World has 8 Amphicars.

There were only not quite 4,000 of these unique vehicles made in the 1960’s and only around 400 still exist across the entire world today.  Walt Disney World happens to own 8 of these cars, which are used for the guest tours.  Typically 6 of the cars are in operation while 2 of them are rotated for maintenance.  It took 7 years to collect all of these cars in order to make this experience possible.

4. It is on the pricey side.

The experience is $125 per car.  This can be pretty steep for some guests considering the costs of everything else at Walt Disney World.  Given the uniqueness of the experience, the cost is a little more understandable.  The experience is still very popular, even with the cost considered.

3. There is frequently a $25 discount available.

The restaurant frequently offers a $25 discount on an Amphicar Tour when you make a restaurant or BOATIQUE purchase of $50 or more.  Guests that want to take advantage of this deal will need to bring their receipt at the time of booking to receive the discount.  If you already planned on doing dining and shopping at The BOATHOUSE, then it is definitely a great deal.  Of course, this deal could be subject to change, so be sure to ask about it ahead of time.

2. Key Tour details.

The tours run from 10 AM through 10 PM each and every day as long as the weather is permitting.  Hours are subject to change without notice for various reasons. The experience lasts around 20 minutes.  Only 3 to 4 people (3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children) are able to be in the car during each tour, so the experience isn’t conducive to large parties without breaking up in separate cars.  The cost for the experience is per car.

1. How to make reservations.

Guests can make reservations for the Amphicar tour at The Boathouse BOATIQUE.  They can also be made by calling 407-WDW-BOAT. Guests can also walk up based on availability. Reservations windows will be subject to availability and the hours of operation for the day.

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