8 Things We Love About Woody’s Lunch Box at Walt Disney World

Finally! Finally, we have seen the opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! And while everyone is understandably abuzz about the two fabulous new attractions inside the new toy wonderland, there’s a lot to rave about at the new quick-service restaurant at Toy Story Land called Woody’s Lunch Box. Here are 8 things we love so far about this fun new eatery!

8. Green Army Men stand guard over the eating area.

The Green Army Men offer their protection and surveillance services while you eat at Woody’s Lunch Box. These aren’t the live version that you can now interact with inside Toy Story Land. Rather, these are the stationary army men high atop a lookout tower built with Tinker Toys that stands about the eating area at Woody’s Lunch Box. It’s a fun and creative part of this new quick-service restaurant.

7. The lunch box itself

The restaurant pick-up windows are housed inside a huge lunch box in Andy’s backyard. It would appear that Andy has left his lunch box in his backyard, and the toys have propped it open with a giant thermos. Even the cashier’s kiosks look like a juice box and a box of animal crackers.

Photo Credit: Disney

6. BBQ Brisket Melt

This sandwich sounds simple enough, and I’m not sure why it’s so surprisingly good, but it features shaved brisket, pickles, BBQ sauce and cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. It must be the magic of Toy Story Land! Enjoy it with the tomato-basil soup! It’s delicious.

Photo Credit: Disney


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5. Grilled Cheese Toy Story Land-style

This is not your boring grilled cheese sandwich with toasted white bread and a slice of processed cheese. On the contrary, the Grilled 3-Cheese Sandwich served at Woody’s place includes provolone cheese, cheddar cheese and cheddar cream cheese! It’s an ooey-gooey delightful childhood favorite—one that can be enjoyed at Toy Story Land by kids (and kids at heart) of all ages!

4. Totchos!

This menu item is really good! If you like chili-Fritos pie, you’ll enjoy this take on it, which features tater tots loaded with chili, corn chips, cheese, sour cream and green onions. Woody calls it “Totchos” since it’s like nachos with a tater tot base!

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Tarts—way better than Pop Tarts!

Woody’s Lunch Box not only serves ice cream floats for dessert, but there are also tarts on the menu. The Raspberry Lunch Box tart is filled with raspberry jam and features strawberry fondant on the outside with crunchy little candy pearls. The Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box tart features a chocolate and hazelnut filling with maple fondant on the outside that is topped with crumbled candied bacon. This one is different to say the least, but incredibly good!

Photo Credit: Disney

2. Choose your side!

Each of the sandwiches served for lunch and dinner at Woody’s Lunch Box is served with your choice of tomato-basil soup, veggie macaroni salad (macaroni tossed with Italian dressing, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers) or tater tots, endearingly called “potato barrels.” You can’t go wrong, so when you visit Woody’s Lunch Box, be sure everyone orders a different side so you can try them all!

1. Mystic Portal Punch (with or without the souvenir cup)

Yum! This fun non-alcoholic concoction is a new favorite among Guests at Toy Story Land. You can enjoy it with or without the fun souvenir cup that features a Green Alien Man on the bottom with “the claw” positioned over him. The drink itself is Mountain Berry Blast flavored Powerade with lemon-lime and tangerine flavorings. So while the drink isn’t necessarily the most creative offering at Woody’s new hang-out, it sure is fun to drink in the “claw cup” as you explore Andy’s backyard at Toy Story Land.

Photo Credit: Disney