7 Interesting Things About Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Guests who visit Walt Disney World love to spend lots of time exploring and enjoying the amazing theme parks on property. Of the four theme parks, the Magic Kingdom was the original and opened with the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971. Many guests consider the Magic Kingdom to be their favorite theme park since it is filled with amazing experiences, classic and thrilling attractions, and unforgettable entertainment. With so many great things to experience in the Magic Kingdom, there are plenty of details and secrets which are found throughout the park that add a level of depth and interest to guests. While guests might be familiar with the many attractions in the Magic Kingdom, there are plenty of interesting things that they may have never noticed! Here are seven interesting things about Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.


7. Peter Pan’s Headlights —

One of the most beloved attractions in all of the Magic Kingdom is Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland. The attraction sprinkles guests with pixie dust and brings them on a whimsical flight with Peter and the Darling children through London and Neverland. Many guests love the scene where their pirate ships fly over the streets of London at night as they can enjoy beautiful views of landmarks like Big Ben. There are plenty of details in the bustling city scene below, including moving sets of headlights. Many guests might not realize that the headlights are actually small dots of black light paint on running bike chains!

6. Magnet Power —

Tomorrowland is home to an attraction which whisks guests around on the highway in the sky. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover brings guests on a beautiful tour of the land on a track situated at the perfect height for people watching and enjoying the sights. While taking in the journey, guests can enjoy glimpses into nearby attractions like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain as well as gorgeous views of Cinderella Castle. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover might seem like a regular attraction in many ways, but guests might be surprised to learn that it is entirely powered by magnets! The attraction uses a linear induction system which features magnets in the track that seamlessly push and pull each vehicle for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

5. Pepper’s Ghost —

The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square is a favorite attraction of many guests thanks to its eerie tone. The attraction welcomes guests into the foreboding home where nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts materialize and cause all sorts of spooky occurrences. While riding along in Doom Buggies, guests pass through iconic scenes including the attic home of Constance the Bride and the popular graveyard. One of the most recognizable scenes from the attraction is the ballroom where the ghosts can be seen dancing, dueling, partying, and playing a grand organ. While the dancing ghosts might seem as real as can be, they are created by an effect named Pepper’s Ghost which utilizes special lighting and reflections to create ghostly appearances.

4. Mr. Toad’s Tribute —

After enjoying a ride on the Haunted Mansion, guests exit out and pass by a series of tombs before entering back into Liberty Square. Just before passing through the gate into the land, guests should look to their left and slightly up the hill to notice a spooky and slightly hidden pet cemetery. Guests who look closely in the back left hand corner of the pet cemetery will notice a statue of Mr. Toad. This small detail pays homage to the character whose attraction Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride used to exist where The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh currently is in Fantasyland.



3. Starport 75 —

One of the most thrilling and popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom can be found looming in Tomorrowland. Space Mountain invites guests to board rockets and blast off into outer space for a journey that is both thrilling and out of this world. The attraction is based on the intergalactic location Starport 75, where guests can find transportation to any corner of the galaxy. While the fictional name might seem random, it actually pays homage to Space Mountain’s opening year of 1975.

2. Buzz’s Chickens —

Also found in Tomorrowland is a popular attraction which invites guests to tap into their competitive side. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin allows guests to join Star Command and help Buzz defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg through shooting at targets to collect his power. While there are plenty of beautiful sets and props in the attraction, there are several animals which might seem familiar to some guests. In the scene featuring the volcano, guests can spot chickens right in front of their vehicles which remain from when the location was home to the attraction Delta Dreamflight.

1. A Small World Doll —

An iconic attraction that many guests simply must enjoy while visiting the Magic Kingdom is It’s A Small World in Fantasyland. The attraction brings guests on the happiest cruise that ever sailed around the world with hundreds of dolls singing the classic song in their native languages. All of the dolls were designed and costumed by Imagineer Joyce Carlson who went on to work for every version of the attraction around the world. Carlson is honored in It’s A Small World where a doll featuring her likeness can be found dangling from the Eiffel Tower.

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