8 Things You’ll Love About Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante at Walt Disney World

If you’re like a lot of families that visit the Walt Disney World Resort, you’ve probably made time for a day or two at Disney Springs during your vacation. And if you live near the central Florida area, you’ve probably visited Disney Springs for dinner on the weekend before. Either way, you know that Disney Springs is home to a wide variety of restaurants serving cuisine for almost every budget and every taste. One of the newest—Maria & Enzo’s—opened in January of this year, and the crowds have gone wild! If you’ve never tried this wonderful Italian restaurant at the Landing at Disney Springs, what are you waiting for? Here are 8 things you’ll absolutely love about it!


8. Traditional Sicilian/Italian dishes

Let’s start with this—the chefs at Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante are Italian, which means you’re guaranteed amazing Italian and Sicilian dishes that are as authentic as they are enticing. Rather than chefs who are only trained in the art, Maria & Enzo’s is home to chefs who grew up on Italian comfort food and chose to learn the craft for themselves. They pass along their expertise to Guests in the form of some really great Italian food!

7. The building itself

Maria & Enzo’s doesn’t disappoint—from the moment you step into the restaurant until you leave. It’s a gorgeous trattoria with 50-foot-high ceilings and long narrow windows that look out over Lake Buena Vista. When you first arrive, you enter the restaurant on the upper level, which looks down onto the dining room. The restaurant has a “Golden Age of air travel” nostalgia to it—the host staff are clad in old school in-flight uniforms. Enzo, they say, was a pilot, and the restaurant pays homage to him with its setup.

6. Lunch

There’s no wrong time to have a meal at Maria & Enzo’s, but if you stop in for lunch, you can enjoy such choices as ahi tuna, linguini and clams, Red Snapper and more.


5. Dinner

Dinner is always amazing at Maria and Enzo’s—especially if you love signature Sicilian dishes and Italian comfort food. Choose from entrees like Sicilian oven-baked pasta, dry-aged ribeye steak, New York Strip steak, ahi tuna and chicken or eggplant parmigiana.

4. Brunch

Brunch at Maria & Enzo’s is amazing! How’s this for an offering—starters like calamari, prosciutto and Sicilian vegetable and bean soup. Then choose from different Italian salads like the Fennel Orange salad, the mixed greens salad and a Caprese salad. And pasta is surely for brunch! Enjoy ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs or rigatoni. Other entrees include swordfish, salmon and chicken parmigiana. There is also a Prix Fixe menu available at Maria & Enzo’s during brunch.

3. Desserts

Maria & Enzo’s has some of the best desserts you’ll find at Disney Springs. Try Enzo’s Torte—a chocolate and mascarpone cheesecake, or the Cassata Siciliana, which is a traditional sponge cake. The cannoli is a great choice. It’s made with ricotta, chocolate chips and candied oranges. The restaurant also serves several flavors of gelato, including chocolate, pistachio, limone and arancia.

2. Enzo’s Hideaway

Adjacent to Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante is Enzo’s Hideaway—a tunnel bar reminiscent of a 1920s speakeasy-type establishment. Enzo’s Hideaway was inspired by the secret “rum-running” of old in Florida. If you like rum and scotch, you’re in luck—Enzo’s has more of both than any other restaurant at Disney Springs!

1. Enzo’s Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper is offered at Enzo’s Hideaway, next to Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante. The spread offered is only available on Sundays and includes such Italian comfort foods as short ribs, meatballs and sausage served with mezzi rigatoni. But you’ll need a reservation! Make yours by calling (407) WDW-DINE or by accessing the My Disney Experience app.

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