8 Things You’ll Love About Tambu Lounge At Walt Disney World

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is home to one of the biggest hidden gems in terms of lounges at Disney resorts. It features a variety of unique cocktails, all perfectly themed to the setting of a Polynesian island, along with small bites, full entrees, a fan-favorite dessert, and more.


1. Location

Located on the monorail level of Polynesian Village Resort, the Tambu Lounge really has a perfect location. It offers a nice spot to relax with a cocktail before heading over to your dinner reservation at ‘Ohana, and it can be the perfect place to grab a midday drink while visiting the Magic Kingdom since it is only steps away from the monorail. It’s also set right above the beautiful Polynesian lobby, which has some of the best resort gift shops, (and Dole Whips) located just downstairs.

2. Lapu Lapu

Speaking of cocktails, the fan-favorite specialty cocktail at the Tambu Lounge is the Lapu Lapu. This drink, which is served in a hollowed out fresh pineapple features Myers’ Original Dark Rum with tropical fruit juices, all topped with Goslings 151 Rum. It’s a strong (and large) drink, that comes with a kick and the delicious taste of fresh and natural fruit juices. It’s large enough to share (think the size of a standard scorpion bowl), and it perfectly compliments any of the dining options at the resort.

3. The Backscratcher

Another fun cocktail at the Tambu Lounge is the Backscratcher, which as you may have guessed comes with an actual backscratcher in the drink! This one is made with a blend of Bacardi Superior Rum, Myers’ Original Dark Rum, and passion fruit juice, all topped with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and of course, a bamboo backscratcher. It’s probably the strongest drink on the menu (that float of whiskey can really sneak up on you!) and it’s also the most unique with an actual full length backscratcher included.


4. Mocktails

The Tambu Lounge also offers a variety of “mocktails,” which is always exciting news for non-drinkers and kids alike. Kids are sure to love the various fruit punches offered, and the lounge’s take on Odwalla® Lemonade, which is topped with a wildberry foam, but adults can also enjoy mocktails like the Sparkling No-Jito, which is a mix of fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and mint, topped with soda water, or the Coconut Elixer, which is made with coconut water, pineapple, and cranberry juice.

5. Lunch entrees

For a more casual lunch, the Tambu Lounge can be a great place to stop before visiting the Magic Kingdom. It offers many of the menu items featured at the nearby Kona Cafe, in a more casual atmosphere. Noodle bowls, the teriyaki steak, (the bread!), and more are all available right at the Tambu Lounge. The lounge is even occasionally open during brunch hours, and if you happen to catch it open in the later morning you can even order the fresh fruit plate or the smoked salmon plate from Kona Cafe’s breakfast menu.

6. Sushi

Speaking of the menu, all of the sushi rolls that are on Kona Cafe’s menu are also available at the Tambu Lounge. If you find yourself looking for more of a quick bite than a full table service experience but are still craving sushi, Tambu Lounge is another way to do so at the Polynesian Resort. The sushi menu varies seasonally, but you can always count on standards like California Rolls if you find yourself wanting some spur of the moment sushi along the monorail loop.

7. ‘Ohana bites

Perhaps the best part of dining at the Tambu Lounge is that you can order select items from ‘Ohana right at the bar. Items like the sticky wings and bread pudding can be ordered right from Tambu Lounge, which can help give you your ‘Ohana fix even on days when you aren’t able to score a dinner reservation!

8. Cast members

Following suit with the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort (and with the theme of Polynesian hospitality) the Tambu Lounge has some of the friendliest and most enthusiastic cast members around. If you’re visiting during off hours, the cast members here are happy to chat with you about how your day is going, and they’re always working hard to make your visit a memorable one.

About Brittany DiCologero

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