8 Totally Cool Things About Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor At Walt Disney World

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There’s simply nothing else like Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in all of the Magic Kingdom! It’s a fast-paced, family-friendly comedy show featuring some pretty hilarious monsters – some recognizable from the hit animated films, and some that are brand-new. And because the show is interactive, you may just end up getting some laughs yourself!


8. Pre-Show Power

Even if you’ve never seen Monsters, Inc. or its sequel, Monsters University, the entertaining pre-show for the attraction tells you everything you need to know to fully enjoy the show. The performance takes place after both movies, when Monstropolis has started using “laugh power” instead of screams for power, but the city still needs more power – so Mike Wazowski has the idea to open a comedy club for monsters and humans alike. You and your fellow humans can enter Monstropolis through a door the monsters have installed in Tomorrowland – and your laughter is exactly what the monsters need to power their city!

7. Memorable Monsters

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is full of fun, memorable monsters – even if only 2 of them hail from the original animated film. Mike Wazowski is, appropriately, the “Monster of Ceremonies”, and Roz also appears in the show as her skeptical self. New monsters your family will love to meet during the show include Mike’s nephew, Marty Wazowski; a mind-reading purple monster with eyes on long stalks; and a two-headed monster fond of incorporating guests into its routine.

6. You Could Be “That Guy”

Audience participation is the name of the game at Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. Before and during the show, moving cameras zero in on different audience members, flashing their faces on the screens at the front of the theatre, along with funny captions like “Doesn’t know she’s on the screen” or “Will treat everyone to churros”. Each show, one guest is chosen as “that guy”, and throughout the performance, he’ll be incorporated into various jokes by different monsters. If you’re “that guy”, you’ll also receive a special “I Was ‘That Guy’” sticker at the end of the show – and since hundreds of people will see you on screen, you may even get recognized by other guests for the rest of your day in the Magic Kingdom!


5. Wait Times

Or should we say, what wait times? Monsters, Inc. has shows every 15 minutes, which means you’ll never have to wait very long for the next show. In fact, you’ll rarely wait for more than two showings before you can enter the theater yourself, and often, you’ll wait just minutes for the next show to begin. And this is a big deal in Walt Disney World, where quite a lot of your day will be spent waiting in lines! It helps, of course, that the venue holds a whopping 400 people. This show is a great option to fit between other attractions when you have a limited amount of time. All of this means that Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is NOT a smart option to use a FastPass+ on – you won’t need it.

4. Share Your Favorite Joke

Everyone has a favorite joke. Well, here’s your chance to share it with hundreds of people in the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor audience! You can text the monsters a joke before the show starts. Just watch the pre-show to find out the special text messaging password, and if you’re lucky, Mike Wazowski will use your joke on stage during the show! (Here’s a sample from our last trip to Monstropolis: What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh!) It’s the perfect opportunity to let those groan-worthy “dad” jokes shine!

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

Any guest who’s visited this attraction has no doubt wondered how the on-screen monsters are able to interact with the live audience. The answer? Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor uses some pretty revolutionary technology, the same technology that makes Epcot’s Turtle Talk with Crush possible. It’s called digital puppetry, and it involves having actors perform behind a screen, while digital images of the monsters appear for the audience to see, in synch with the performers’ voices. The hidden actors use movable cameras, located throughout the theatre, to figure out which guests they want to talk to. Well-placed lights and portable microphones do the rest.

2. Relics of Time(keeper)

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor has gone though a lot of name changes! “Laugh Floor Comedy Club” was its original name, and that name was later changed to “Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club” before it received its current name a couple of weeks before opening in 2007. The theatre that the monsters now call home used to be home to the Timekeeper, a CircleVision 360 degree film. Even though the theatre was renovated for its new use, you can still find traces of the Timekeeper there; you’ll find bubbling tubes in the waiting area that used to be part of the Timekeeper’s preshow, and the 9 screens used for the former show still exist in the main part of the theater.

1. Award-winning Attraction

For guests who have been visiting Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor for years, it will come as no surprise that this is an award-winning attraction. It received a nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project, from the Visual Effects Society, in 2008. Sure, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but it proves what guests have known for years: life is definitely good on the Laugh Floor in Monstropolis!

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