8 Totally Cool Things You’ll Love About Boma At Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Boma is one of our favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World! Here’s everything you need to know to get excited ahead of your next trip.

1. Location

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the most beautiful resorts at Walt Disney World. With the Lodge being right on its own savannah, you can head outside and see some of the animals that live there before or after your meal. The resort is also home to an awe-inspiring lobby, relaxing bars and lounges, and a guest-favorite resort merchandise location. You may not plan on spending too much time at the resort if you are just stopping by for dinner or breakfast, but if you take a walk around you will certainly not be disappointed.


2. Learning Opportunities

The design elements seen in Boma are actually based on various aspects of African cultures. You may notice some distinctions between the different dining areas or details like lampshades that look reminiscent of shields, or certain animals used as motifs in the artwork. The resort actually offers tours of Boma as part of its recreation schedule, and often times you will find cultural representatives who can teach you about which country they are from and how themes from there were used as inspiration for the restaurant’s design.

3. The Food!

It should come as no surprise that the food is one of the coolest things about Boma. Whether you are dining here for breakfast or dinner, you will be pleased to see that this is one of the most expansive buffets at Walt Disney World. In fact, if you are able to try every single item on the buffet at least once, that would be extremely impressive since there is so much variety. The quality of the food at Boma as well as the quantity of items offered is on point, which is usually the biggest downfall of any buffet setting.

4. Something For Everyone

Some guests immediately dismiss Boma claiming that they’ve never had African food or aren’t sure that they’re going to like it. For one, all of the African and African-inspired food at Boma is delicious, and many guests who feel this way almost immediately change their minds, but there is also someone for everyone. If you have picky eaters in your family, you can still go to Boma and enjoy the more adventurous offerings while they stick to the basics.


5. Desserts

Boma’s dessert spread is almost as amazing as its entree spreads (and this goes for both breakfast and dinner). If you haven’t had zebra domes yet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you are surely missing out. You can find them on the dessert side of Boma, near the cookies, brownies, fresh fruit, pastries, and more. Not sure if you’ll be dining at Boma on your next trip? Zebra domes can also be purchased at the Mara, the resort’s quick service dining location.

6. Drinks

Boma offers a variety of specialty drinks, from authentic coffees, to delicious cocktails, and to a family favorite if you happen to come for breakfast– Jungle Juice. This fruit juice mix is non-alcoholic and comes complimentary with the buffet. It blends together a base of orange and mango juice with other fruity flavors to start the day off just right.

7. Atmosphere

One reason why some guests dislike buffets is because they often come with a more hectic atmosphere. While this particularly applies to character buffets, it creates a sort of stigma that turns people off from these kinds of dining experiences. Boma however does not fall into this category as the whole feel of the resort is more relaxing and the size of the space really does a lot in terms of spreading out the louder sounds that would make this kind of dining feel more hectic.

8. Cast Members

The cast members at Boma are really a huge part of what makes the whole experience special. Whether it’s the top-notch wait staff or the cultural representatives who are happy to teach you about where they’re from, the cast members at Boma are always going above and beyond and it shows! You may know that Guest Relations in the parks is always available to take positive feedback for Cast Members you encounter, but you can actually do this at the resorts too. Simply visit the host podium of the restaurant or stop by the front desk to talk to someone about recognizing a cast member at the resort’s restaurant who made your visit extra magical.

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