Airline Cuts That May Impact Disney Vacations

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Flights and airfare can be the most stressful part of planning a Walt Disney World vacation (assuming you aren’t driving). Finding the perfect price, schedule, and seats is often tricky. However, new changes being made by airlines lately may make travel planning even more stressful.

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FAA Challenges

The FAA faces a severe shortage of air traffic controllers in New York and Washington this summer. Therefore, they have asked airlines in those areas to reduce schedules by 10% voluntarily.

Airlines Respond

United, JetBlue, and American have already made cuts. American has removed 4,790 flights, United cut 4,353 flights, JetBlue trimmed 3,565, and now Delta has cut 1,983, as reported by Travel Weekly.

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Delta Joins

Delta Airplanes

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Delta will make minimal cuts in June and July but will reduce 6.3% of flights from LaGuardia and JFK airports in August, impacting Boston’s Logan Airport and Reagan National Airport the most. Some cuts will continue into September. Delta explained that changes were made in markets with alternative options for easy re-accommodation, emphasizing their commitment to customer experience.

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Southwest Status

Although Southwest Airlines has not made any cuts, it remains to be seen if they will follow the other airlines. Southwest has been rebuilding its staff after pandemic-related retirements. They would have added flights if not for Boeing’s delivery problems.

Southwest Airlines

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Airlines must balance customer demand with their capacity while considering competitors’ schedules and committed flight slots. They typically hesitate to reduce schedules if rivals do the same to avoid losing passengers without increasing demand. If all airlines cut flights, it harms consumers and raises prices.

Although not all airports across the country will be experiencing these cuts, it will still affect any Disney Guests traveling to, from, or through New York and perhaps other areas. So please keep this in mind as you plan your transportation to and from Orlando.

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