Animal Dies in Front of Guests Inside Disney Theme Park

Guests drinking and eating at the Rose and Crown at World Showcase's United Kingdom Pavilion
Credit: Disney

A dead animal was found inside a Disney theme park.

A monorail glides over a scenic park with vibrant flower beds and floating floral decorations on a sunny day.

Credit: Heather Maguire, Unsplash

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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is one of the busiest and most successful theme park destinations in the world, providing guests with a near-unlimited amount of rides, attractions, and experiences to enjoy. The resort is comprised of four unique theme parks, with Magic Kingdom being the most popular of the bunch.

Magic Kingdom features classic rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and Haunted Mansion, as well as other, more historical experiences like The Hall of Presidents and the Walt Disney World Railroad.

While guests visit Walt Disney World to ride these classic rides, many simply choose Disney World due to its incredible atmosphere and magical environments.

From EPCOT to Animal Kingdom, Disney’s dedication to immersion and storytelling can be seen around every corner and inside every building.

However, this “Disney Magic” faded last week when guests spotted a dead animal in plain view.

A scenic view of a monorail passing over a vibrant, floral-filled park with a large pyramid structure and reflecting pond under a blue sky with fluffy clouds.

Credit: Brian McGowan, Unsplash

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EPCOT is a very unique theme park in many ways, but one of the more distinctive parts of the park is how much water can be seen below guests. Many areas inside EPCOT feature bodies of water, with the Walt Disney World Resort Monorail carrying guests directly over a portion of these man-made lakes.

These lakes feature real animals like a variety of fish, which can sometimes be seen when looking close enough. One of these fish died recently, floating to the top right in front of a guest walkway.

Twitter/X user shared an image of the dead animal, warning guests to stay away from The Odyssey pavilion.

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EPCOT’s Odyssey is a location used for different events throughout the year and was designed to accommodate a large number of guests. Due to the original EPCOT location closing earlier this year, part of The Odyssey is currently acting as a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member lounge.

DVC members can head over to The Odyssey and enjoy some complimentary refreshments and snacks and enjoy the much-needed AC.

EPCOT has undergone perhaps the most significant changes seen at Walt Disney World, with many new attractions and lands opening up over the last year. Disney first started reimagining EPCOT in 2018, when the company announced big changes were on the way for the iconic Florida theme park.

Currently, guests will notice that the park is split into four unique areas: World Discovery, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Showcase, each offering its own list of experiences and rides.

The newest addition to EPCOT is CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall, which opened earlier this month after multiple years of construction.

Stay tuned here for more Disney theme park news stories. 

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