Best Ways To Feel Patriotic At Walt Disney World

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When traveling to Walt Disney World, most guests think that their vacation is going to be filled with magical and unforgettable moments. However, there are just as many opportunities to feel distinctly patriotic and celebrate all things America while enjoying time in the Disney Parks and more. Thanks to attractions, entertainment, atmosphere, special events, and more, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy feeling patriotic and celebrating our amazing country in various ways. In addition to everyday patriotic experiences in Walt Disney World, there are also special opportunities that come on holidays that specifically celebrate America, such as the Fourth of July. With so many amazing opportunities to celebrate patriotism, it is no wonder why guests love doing so while on vacation! Here are the best ways to feel patriotic at Walt Disney World on any vacation!


1. Hall of Presidents

The Magic Kingdom is home to many amazing attractions and experiences that guests can enjoy, including one that is very patriotic. The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square is housed inside of an impressive brick building that was inspire by colonial architecture in Philadelphia. The lobby of the show features artifacts and items that belonged to former presidents as well as the only Presidential Seal of the United States that exists outside of the Oval Office. Once seated in the main theater, guests can enjoy the Hall of Presidents where a history of the Oval Office is presented before the stunning unveiling of all of the Presidents of the United States standing together on stage.

2. Flag Retreat

Each evening, a special event occurs in the Magic Kingdom where guests can honor the American flag and all that it stands for. In the center of Town Square on Main Street, there is a massive flag pole that proudly waves the American flag each day in the park. Each evening, a special Flag Retreat Ceremony occurs where trumpets sound Retreat and the Main Street Philharmonic plays the “Star Spangled Banner” as the flag is lowered. What makes each Flag Retreat even more special is that once the flag is lowered, it is ceremoniously folded and offered to a guest in the park that is also a veteran. This special ceremony is often missed by guests, but a great way to feel patriotic!


3. Electrical Water Pageant Finale

Just outside of the Magic Kingdom is Seven Seas Lagoon which connects Disney Resorts such as Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Each night, a special presentation occurs on Seven Seas Lagoon that lights up the darkness and beautifully reflects off the water. The Electrical Water Pageant features gently gliding barges that feature special floats that light up with various sea creatures. While the show is wonderful, it is the finale that is truly patriotic as all of the barges change to American flags for an unforgettable final tribute to our country.

4. American Adventure

Epcot is also home to a patriotic experience that can be found in the center of World Showcase in the American Pavilion. The American Adventure begins with guests entering into a beautiful rotunda where the Voices of Liberty, an a capella, emerge dressed in full colonial garb to serenade guests. Guests then move into the main theater where the history of the American people is brought to life through music, artwork, audio-animatronics, and more. Moving from the pilgrims to modern times, the show ends with the wonderful finale of “Golden Dreams” making for a very patriotic moment.

5. Celebrate the Fourth of July

While there are plenty of patriotic moments to be had each and every day in Walt Disney World, there is no such patriotic experience as being in the parks for the Fourth of July. Special meet and greets, snacks, and entertainment occur throughout each day to help bring special patriotic moments to life. However, the most patriotic moment of the Fourth of July comes at the end of the night in the Magic Kingdom where a massive fireworks extravaganza lights up the night in red, white, and blue. No experience is quite as patriotic as watching these special fireworks from Main Street on the Fourth of July!

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