Cast Member Saves This Family’s Disney Vacation

Toy Story
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Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on earth. Filled with attractions, entertainment, food, and your favorite characters, there’s almost no reason to be unhappy. All four Parks offer one-of-a-kind experiences from the moment you scan your magic band through the entranceway.

Moreso than ever, issues between Guests have been surfacing on the internet. When visiting a Disney Park, it’s understandable emotions are running high. Regardless if you’re going with a small or large group, it’s a lot to unpack. A Disney vacation is not cheap, planning is a lot of effort, and overall, you want your family to enjoy the trip. Between the Florida heat and loads of walking and moving, it’s not uncommon to feel tired after a long day at the Parks. But what is uncommon is taking your feelings out on other people.

Toy Story Land

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A recent Guest of Disney’s Hollywood Studios took to TikTok to share her experience. Her caption read, “Moral of the story don’t ruin someone else’s experience and be more like Alana and the other Cast Members who turned the day around.” Kat details her trip to Disney with her three-year-old son Tobias, who just wanted to have fun meeting Buzz Lightyear.

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Experience at Toy Story Land

As seen in the video above, Kat goes into great detail about her experience. Her son Tobias was eager to chat with Buzz Lightyear and ask his questions, as any three-year-old would, and was rudely interrupted by an angry woman online. The woman in line waited like the rest of the Guests for their turn, but she felt it was necessary to push along Tobias and his interaction. After getting their family photo, the woman even went over to Kat and her son to say, “That’s how it’s done.”

Keeping her cool, Kat continued her day with her son going to Toy Story Mania, where the entertainment coordinator met them. Alana, the coordinator, gave them a VIP experience, as many Cast Members do when it’s rightfully deserved. She also apologized on behalf of the inappropriate Guest. Tobias got to have multiple meet-and-greets with different characters in the Park, including Woody and Jessie. Additionally, he met Sulley from ‘Monsters Inc’ (2001) and Edna Mode from ‘The Incredibles (2004).

Buzz Lightyear Character Meet and Greet in the Magic Kingdom

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Cast Member Saves The Day

Kat continues to speak on how Alana saved their day and overall experience by being a “mood changer”. Cast Members are always the first ones on sight for any situation, making them the unsung heroes of Disney World. Inside the Magic reported, “Disney is losing its magic,” is something we’ve all heard at least once this year. Guests are unhappy about how Disney Parks worldwide are changing.” While that may be the feelings of some, it’s not the Disney experience to take it out on others.

For the Guest who had many unnecessary words to say, what happened to her and her family is unclear. While Tobias and Kat may have had a rough start to their day, the other Guests efforts to ruin it simply did not work. The happy ending they got to endure is the reason Disney is still known as the most magical place on Earth!

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