VIDEO: Mickey and Minnie Fight During Main Street Parade

Mickey and Minnie seeming to fight during parade
Credit: Disney.scoop on Instagram

Did you ever think you’d see or hear such a thing? Kermit and Miss Piggy, maybe. Perhaps even Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. But Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? Walt Disney would be rolling in his frozen chamber under Disneyland.

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Mickey and Minnie dressed for 100th Anniversary while visiting EPCOT

Credit: Disney

Of Mice and Men

Captured on video by Disney.Scoop and shared on Instagram is a confrontation between the two iconic Disney theme park mascots. While atop a float during the parade, the two characters seem to be arguing. At first, one may think it’s part of the show, but it’s hard to assess without proper audio. It looks like Mickey Mouse waves his hand in Minnie’s face, steps towards her (almost menacingly), then crosses his arms and turns his back on her.

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Minnie and Mickey arguing on parade float

Credit: Disney.Scoop vis Instagram

Real or Fake?

Although characters having conflict during a stage show or parade has been done before in various Disney theme parks, the mannerisms and body language suggest something more. Simple gestures like turning away or crossing arms would be something you could see a character doing during a performance. But the actions of Mickey Mouse almost look like he is about to engage in a physical altercation with Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Giving Minnie the hand

Credit: Disney.Scoop via Instagram

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It’s possible that the two Cast Members portraying the characters had their own dispute and failed to fake a friendship during the parade. Although it appears Minnie Mouse does try to make nice and eventually engages Mickey Mouse with her hand on his shoulder.

The video can be watched here.

If the two are supposed to engage in some back-and-forth dialog during the Main Street parade, the body language displayed is very aggressive and out of character for Mickey Mouse. Even when Disney Park mascots have been assaulted in the past, they haven’t responded with such aggression. However, other videos of the same parade at Disneyland Paris (Dream and Shine Brighter Parade) show zero dialog between Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They only depict the two characters dancing together on the float.

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mickey mouse minnie parade

Credit: Disney

Hopefully, Mickey and Minnie can patch things up before their next joint appearance…

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