Magic Kingdom

What to Know if You Haven’t Been to Disney World in the Past 2 Years


Naturally, with the restrictions of the Pandemic, Disney had to make some adjustments so visitors could continue to visit the Park. We all remember the days when some Disney Parks closed entirely temporarily. Since then, policies, programs, and new features have been added to the Parks, along with some technological advances that you’ll want to take note of if you ...

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When to Visit Disney World to Avoid The Crowds

It seems the days where Disney World Parks aren’t overwhelmingly busy are few and far between. But after years of experience and observation, we have concluded there are a few weeks during a few select months that you’ll probably get lucky with fewer crowds! Of course, this can fluctuate depending on when certain events are happening such as when new ...

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1 Simple Tip That Will Change Your Disney World Experience


Sometimes the simplest and most affordable Disney world hacks can make ALL the difference when you’re on your full-day Walt Disney World adventure. This one might be the best yet. Whether you’re visiting the Walt Disney World in the summertime and you’ll be going on all the water rides to cool down, or whether you end up visiting on a ...

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Could Hercules Finally be Making an Appearance at Disney Parks?


We have often dreamed, of a far-off place, where Hercules is relevant in the Disney Parks sphere. For being one of the top-grossing Disney films of the 1990s, we have been wondering for years why Hercules wasn’t more relevant at Disney Parks. Hercules (1997) has some of the most popular songs to be produced for a Disney movie, features incredibly ...

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Happily Ever After and Wishes Return to Magic Kingdom


Disney Guests have wanted to see Wishes and Happily Ever After return to the Magic Kingdom ever since both fireworks show ended. Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration show, Disney Enchantment, has been met with lukewarm reviews, with fans begging Disney to bring back its fireworks classics. And these dreams came true for a select group of Guests attending a special private ...

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Here’s Why You NEED To Go To Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

This last week has been a very exciting week in the Disney community, particularly for Guests who love Halloween. The Halloween season is a spectacular celebration in the Walt Disney Company. Not only is it celebrated on Halloween night, but celebrations begin in the Walt Disney World Resort in August. And if you think that’s too early, then you’ll be ...

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How to Spend the Perfect Polynesian Night

Located on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the perfect tiki escape right in the heart of Walt Disney World. This stunning Deluxe Resort, located in the Magic Kingdom Resort area, celebrates the spirit of the South Pacific. Grand buildings surrounded by tropical palms and lush vegetation provide Guests with the feeling of being in ...

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Magic Kingdom Closing Early Multiple Days In May – Here’s Why


For those wanting to dine with Beauty and the Beast or go on a comedic Jungle Cruise, Magic Kingdom Park is the theme park they need to visit. From the thrills of Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain, to classic Fantasyland rides like Winnie the Pooh, Mad Tea Party, and “it’s a small world” – Magic Kingdom at ...

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VIDEO: Disney Guest Steals Pirates Water for Cooking


The smell of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean water is enough to make any Guest know they’re at Walt Disney World. Disney’s classic boat ride attraction is renowned for its immersive theming, iconic music, and distinctive “water smell”, a smell that has become synonymous with Disney Park magic. One Guest, however, took their love for Disney water a little too ...

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